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Sandeep raut commented on Sandeep raut's blog post Numerous Reasons Why Digital Transformation Fails
"thanks Juan."
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Many organizations today have realized that digital transformation is essential to their success.
But many of them forget that focus of a digital transformation is not digitization or even technology, it is the Customer!
Digital Transformation is no…
Mar 18
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
With Digital Transformation, we are living in direct-to-customer world. Consumers don’t want to talk to middlemen or brokers when they need something. They also don’t want to be bombarded with irrelevant ads, nor do they want to be on the receiving…
Mar 11
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
When Pokémon go was launched, do you remember how many crazy people were randomly walking on the road, searching for poke balls and Pokémons at the public place which created a record of 500 million users in just 2 months. 

This Augmented Reality i…
Mar 5
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
We are living in a century where technology dominates lifestyle;Digital Transformation with Big Data, IoT, Artificial Intelligence(AI) are such examples.
Over the past six months, Chatbots have dominated much of the tech conversation, the next big g…
Feb 26
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Internet of Things (IoT) began as an emerging trend and has now become one of the key element ofDigital Transformationthat is driving the world in many respects.If your thermostat or refrigerator is connected to the Internet, then it is part of the…
Feb 20
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
How many times you have listened to the advice of your friend/colleague or someone you know, to invest in stock market? Many people have gained and lost their fortune with this guess work and now younger generation is more scared to hand over their…
Feb 13
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
In very simple terms, Business model is how you plan to make money from your business. A refined version is how you create and deliver value to customers. Your strategy tells you where you want to go and the business model tells you how you are goin…
Feb 5
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Do you still remember our childhood story of Ali Baba and 40 thieves?“Open Sesame” was the magical phrase that a poor woodcutter Ali Baba uttered, to open the door of a secret cave in which 40 thieves had hidden bags of gold and treasure. The power…
Jan 29
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Jan 28
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Today, with Digitization of everything, 80 percent the data being created is unstructured. Audio, Video, our social footprints, the data generated from conversations between customer service reps, tons of legal document’s texts processed in financia…
Jan 22
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Analytics and Big Data have disrupted many industries, and now they are on the edge of scoring major points in sports. Over the past few years, the world of sports has experienced an explosion in the use of analyticsTill few years back experience, g…
Jan 14
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Today’s organizations are feeling the fear of becoming dinosaur every day. Newdisrupters are coming into your industry and turning everything upside down.Customers are more demanding than ever and will abandon the service that is too slow to respond…
Jan 7
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
In the Digital age today, world has become smaller and faster. Global audio & video calls which were available only in corporate offices, are now available to common man on the smartphone.Consumers have more information of the products and compariso…
Dec 30, 2016
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Digital Transformation is changing the way customers think & demand new products or services.Today Bank accounts are opened online, Insurance claims are filed online, patient’s health is monitored online while buying things online is the thing of pa…
Dec 26, 2016
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Machine Learning is the foundation for today’s insights on customer, products, costs and revenues which learns from the data provided to its algorithms.Some of the most common examples of machine learning are Netflix’s algorithms to give movie sugge…
Dec 16, 2016