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Sandeep raut posted a blog post
While many organizations are creating tremendous value from the IoT, some organizations are still struggling to get started.  It has now become one of the key element of Digital Transformation that is driving the world in many respects.It is really…
Jun 13
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Jun 11
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
You must have heard about the global cyberattack of WannaCry ransomware in over 200 countries. It encrypted all the files on the machine and asked for payment. Ransomware, which demands payment after launching a cyber-attack, has become a rising tre…
Jun 5
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
In today’s digital transformation, big data has given organization an edge to analyze the customer behavior & hyper-personalize every interaction which results into cross-sell, improved customer experience and obviously more revenues.The market for …
May 31
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Today Digital Transformation has entered our life and we have subconsciously using it also in day to day life.Virtual Reality technology has evolved dramatically in the past few years the costs of VR devices has gone down so it is all set to hit mai…
May 22
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Over the past few decades, we’ve gotten used to the Internet and cannot imagine our lives without it. Millennials and new age kids don’t even know what is life without being online.

With the disruption of Digital Transformation, Internet of Things…
May 15
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
In the age of Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence has come a long way from Siri to driverless cars.If you have used a GPS on Google Maps to navigate in your car, purchased a book recommended to you by  Amazon or watched a movie suggested…
May 7
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Today we are into digital age, every business is using big data and machine learning to effectively target users with messaging in a language they really understand and push offers, deals and ads that appeal to them across a range of channels.
Apr 30
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Have your seen the 1996 movie Twister, based on tornadoes disrupting the neighborhoods? A group of people were shown trying to perfect the devices called Dorothy which has hundreds of sensors to be released in the center of twister so proper data ca…
Apr 23
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Analytics has taken world by storm & It it the powerhouse for all the digital transformation happening in every industry.Today everybody is generating tons of data – we as consumers leaving digital footprints on social media,IoT generating millions…
Apr 16
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Remember when you were teenager and wanted to go on vacation with parents-you were asked to go to travel agent and get all the printed brochures of exotic locations?  Then came the wave and online booking sites like Expedia, Travelocity, Mak…
Apr 10
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Manufacturing companies have traditionally been slow to react to the advent of digital technologies like intelligent robots, drones, sensor technology,artificial intelligence, nanotechnology & 3d Printing.Industry 4.0 has changed manufacturing. At a…
Apr 1
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Remember when we were young and wanted to use ketchup and it did not fall down from the glass bottle in the dish? We had to turn the bottle upside down and smack it on the bottom to pour it. The company did not realize that making the glass bottle w…
Mar 27
Sandeep raut commented on Sandeep raut's blog post Numerous Reasons Why Digital Transformation Fails
"thanks Juan."
Mar 23
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Many organizations today have realized that digital transformation is essential to their success.
But many of them forget that focus of a digital transformation is not digitization or even technology, it is the Customer!
Digital Transformation is no…
Mar 18
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
With Digital Transformation, we are living in direct-to-customer world. Consumers don’t want to talk to middlemen or brokers when they need something. They also don’t want to be bombarded with irrelevant ads, nor do they want to be on the receiving…
Mar 11