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Artificial intelligence is one field of science and technology that is wildly becoming popular. Artificial intelligence involves the introduction of human level precision and accuracy to bots. Artificial intelligence has found application by top app development companies in every field of life; from medicine to tourism, from engineering to production. Artificial intelligence has helped to automate our work and has made life easier. Below are 10 most popular artificial intelligence apps for iPhone/iOS;

  1. Google Allo:

Google Allo is one of the best artificial intelligence apps for messaging available for iOS users which can be used in iPhone app development. It allows users to take action on their smartphones using their voice; such as voice to text input. The app comes with emojis and stickers that allows users to easily express their emotions and feelings. It also has a smart reply feature. The app also provides an incognito mode option that allows users to hide their search history from their smartphone.

  1. ESLA Speak:

Perhaps you want to learn how to speak and write English and don't have an English teacher close by. No need to worry, ELSA Speak is one of the best and most popular iOS apps for iPhone app development that helps users to learn English Language in less than 4 weeks. With this app, English speaking users can also improve their pronunciation of English words and phrases. The app comes with English test designed by experts, which allows users to test and estimate their progress. The app also comes with day by day full progress report.

  1. Cortana:

Perhaps what you need is a personal assistant that can help to arrange and keep track of your documents, images and act as reminder for your scheduled event, then Cortana is one of the your best iOS artificial intelligence app that is of importance in iPhone app development that can perform this function. This artificial intelligence app can easily sync between your mobile phone and laptop, so regardless where your files are kept or where your schedule is listed, Cortana can perform its function perfectly well. Cortana can provide its users with their favorite TV shows, series, sports, artists etc.

  1. Robin:

Robin is an iOS artificial intelligence app that combines the function of a personal assistant and a voice-to-text app. Users can use this app to write text without having to touch their mobile phone, only by the use of voice. It allows users to set reminders for important events or work that needs to be done. It also allows users to get GPS navigation, hence locating places more easily.

  1. Socratic:

Math is one of the biggest challenges for students all around the world. Finding a quality math tutor to help out with homework is equally as difficult as the math problems given. But Socratic is here to help. Socratic is one of the most popular and smartest math homework helper available on iOS that is very important in iPhone app development. Socratic will help users with their math homework in good time and with expert technique. It artificial intelligence feature is one of the smartest. All that is needed is for users to take a picture of their homework using the camera app and instantly the AI provides you with concepts that can assist in solving the problem.

  1. Edison Assistant:

Also known as easilyDo Smart assistant app, Edison Assistant is an artificial intelligence app that works as a personal assistant and informs users about traffic conditions between where they are and their destination. It informs on better, shorter routes devoid of traffic that users can take to get their destination or when the best time is to leave their present location to their destination. As a personal assistant, it helps to delete multiple contacts from users smartphone and also help to book ticket to hotels, events, movies, restaurant and so on.

  1. Siftr Magic:

Siftr Magic is a very effective artificial intelligence iOS app that is of importance in iPhone app development, which helps users free up space on their smartphone by helping to clean up junk photos and videos. Photos typically taken by smartphone tend to be large in size and they easily fill up space. Finding the images to delete to free up space may be quite difficult. Siftr Magic uses artificial intelligence to sift through thousands of images in seconds and identify duplicate images or images that are not relevant and needs to be deleted. The app does not delete images on its own, it only makes recommendation based on the content of the images and the number of times it has been viewed.

It also helps to identify and remove battery draining apps or problems, so as to improve battery life.

  1. SwiftKey Keyboard:

This is the most popular artificial intelligence iOS keyboard app that helps to automatically correct wrong words or sentences. Aside from its auto-correct feature, the app comes with the ability to change font style, color, size, theme, and design. It comes with emojis that can help users express feelings.

  1. Replika:

Replika is one of the most advanced iOS artificial intelligence app that is of importance in iPhone app development. It is known as the good friend app as users can have an endless conversation with the app. The app is so advanced that having a conversation with it appears like having a conversation with a real friend. What's more, Replika has the ability to, over time, learn the preferences of the user, therefore its conversation changes from being generic to become more specific and personalized. Replika is your best friend on mobile, and it is available anytime you need it 24/7.

The app also comes with a notepad, allowing users to save notes and memories, which will be easily available at any time.

  1. Seeing AI:

Seeing AI is one of the most effective and advance artificial intelligence iOS app that is built for visually impaired users. This app is giving hope to visually impaired individuals, allowing them to interact better with their surroundings. Using the phone camera, Seeing AI has the ability to read signs, letters, identify people and relay it back to users. Visually impaired people can understand text, recognize setting, and even know what the weather looks like. One of the most impressive features of the app is its ability to recognize people's emotions, therefore users can know how people around him/her feels.

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