The total business spending on internet of things solutions will reach $6 trillion by 2021. Connecting and sharing data between devices is driving many industries and consumers right now, and the internet of things is only growing. WebRTC and IoT are boosting many machine-to-machine connections like games, transportation, and video streaming.

Even the security of IoT is a growing field, as much of the data passed from internet of things devices is personal and needs to be protected.

Connecting the digital world and the physical world has been a natural step, and the internet of things is making strides bridging this gap. In this infographic, we explain exactly what the internet of things is and show some fascinating and intriguing statistics about where it is headed.


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CALLSTATS I/O Oy is a Software as a Service company based out of Helsinki. It provides products that measure and manage the performance of real-time media communication. The product helps software developers set up, build, and scale communication applications quickly. Founded in 2014 and originally known as Nemu Dialogue Systems, was named a Cool Vendor in Unified Communications in 2016 by research firm Gartner. The product integrates with various third party SDKs and PaaS solutions which make it easier to build and deploy WebRTC applications.

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