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ANT+ Symposium: Success... IoT... and Fragmentation

Earlier this month I attended the 2016 ANT Wireless Symposium in Banff, Canada (Listen up conference organizers: more meetings in Banff please!). Put on by ANT Wireless, stewards of a protocol and silicon solution for ultra-low power (ULP) practical wireless networking applications which are now integrated into many popular products and devices, the conference looked at how wireless advances define how we live, do business and use products.  

I moderated a panel on IoT and fragmentation. The panelists should make any conference organizer drool. Joining me on stage were IBM’s Doug Barton, Google’s Doug Daniels, Rick Gibbs of North Pole Engineering and sport technology guru Ray Maker.  

Each of these gentlemen has first hand experience in either creating, developing or heavily using connected devices. Ray Maker’s blog is the first place to to visit if you’re looking to try out sports equipment. Rick’s company is a vertically integrated electrical engineering company specializing in embedded microprocessor-based hardware and software design. Doug Daniels is the head of cloud platform at Google and helped create Mi Pulse, high-tech stylish activewear with integrated heart rate monitoring technology. And finally, Doug Barton, partnered with ultra-cyclist Dave Haase, to put IBM’s IoT and Big Data capabilities to the test.

If you’re looking at connecting low-powered devices, or are considering a communications standard, be it ANT+ vs. BTLE, then you’ll want to watch this discussion. We cover interoperability, explore the large-scale initiatives that will define the standards and frameworks for the IoT globally, what will help increase adoption for end-users, and ask if diversification of protocols is actually good for the market.

Update: Ray Maker also includes information about his talk and our discussion here. Be sure to read Ray’s additional thoughts in the comments section.

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