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IoT applications have made their way into a myriad of businesses and industries. Manufacturing, Energy, Utilities, Smart Homes, etc. have benefitted tremendously with the use of IoT. The advantageous implementations have disrupted organizations and cleared the apathy of meager communication with devices. Now it's all about interconnectivity, visibility, machine to machine communication. So, its clear IoT for the Real Estate Industry is here and is here to stay!

3369681733?profile=RESIZE_710xIoT for Safety

Enterprise resources are the primary assets for businesses. Construction workers, site engineers, architects are the backbone of the real estate industry and deserve the utmost safety at work. Tracking machinery and resource location can go a long way. Whether a piece of equipment is to fail, is prone to danger can be detected in advanced. It helps prevent mishaps and injuries. Making use of smart wearable devices can help detect employee stress and fatigue. This ensures that employees are not working beyond duty hours and are putting in their most productive form. Their health can be even further protected with alerts & notifications of potential coming their way.

IoT for Maintenance

Buildings, towers, structures, architectural landmarks under construction all have heavy equipment around them. It’s of primary significance to maintain the machinery upkeep. With sensors attached to the machinery component, the site engineer or operational manager can achieve real-time analytics of the machinery functioning. A gateway connects the device sensors to the Cloud or an on-premise server and collects data. In the case of machinery failure, this helps detect faults. Where a fault has occurred, why, how severe and how fast its progressing, etc. such data can help maintain the machinery upkeep. Such data is gathered and used to predict future machinery failure. This helps attain maximum uptime for the asset and garner productive results.

IoT for Energy Conservation

Machinery monitoring is a lucrative aspect to achieve maximum productivity. With IoT Sensors installed on construction machinery, operators can get additional control. They can be scheduled for regular maintenance cycles. Their uptime and downtime can be controlled in order to save the most energy. Using well-maintained machinery can optimum use of electricity.

Even in smart homes, devices can be monitored for their energy conservation. The ones which use up the maximum energy can be used less. Effective HVAC systems can be installed which check energy consumption beyond optimum levels.

IoT for Preservation

The Real estate & Construction Industry consists of restoration and preservation. The inspection processes during restoration can be automated. Using drones to capture images and store them into a system makes it easier to detect faulty symptoms in buildings. With these manual efforts can be reduced. It promotes accuracy in fault detection. The same images can be used for conducting image analytics and image stitching which reduces the duration of the inspection process. IoT Consultants for Real Estate Industry can enhance the value of the entire processes and contribute to machine learning algorithms to detect construction faults. 

IoT for Business Intelligence

Wouldn’t it be amazing to gain superpower like knowing every operational detail for enhanced efficiency? IoT helps with that too. The historical asset data, ERP data, on-premise/cloud data can be compiled together. BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI, Qlikview, etc. provide data visualization and generate a unified view of the entire operations. Every business function can be explored, along with the metrics which help in data-driven decision making. This improves operational efficiency and creates more opportunities for generating revenue.




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