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Digital Twins, Intranet of Things and AI

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The Digital Twin: Key Component of IoT

Posted by Finbar Gallagher 

What is a Digital Twin and why do I care? A Digital Twin uses data from sensors installed on physical systems to represent their near real-time status, working condition or position. This modelling technology allows us to see what is happening inside the system without having to be able to get inside the system. It forms a critical step in the information value chain without which it is often impossible to get from raw data to insight, and therefore to value. As the Internet of Things grows, Digital Twins will become a standard tool for Data Scientists and Engineers wishing to use all this new data to automatically understand and respond to what is going on in the real world.

Best Platforms for IoT Development

Posted by Blake Davies

The fact is, two years ago we were surrounded by more than 15 billion connected devices; in three years from now, we are bound to see this number reach 30 billion, and 75 billion by 2025. Actually, if we were to believe Ericsson, next year there will be more IoT gadgets than mobile devices.

The truth is, we are finding it difficult to define what is an IoT device. With more and more people driving their connected cars and parking them in front of their smart homes, it is evident this market is only going to progress; and it is all happening at a rapid pace. And what are the platforms that are contributing to this extreme development?

Intranet of Things

Posted by Rajashree Rao 

Intranet of Things is a term coined by Airbus' Carlo Nizam, which refers to connecting the organization's assets. Intranet of things is an alternative model to Internet of Things, and both use the same kind of technologies and systems limiting the accessibility of connected things only to the virtual private network (VPN) or to the corporate network.

Security Issues To Expect In Mobile App Development

Posted by Melissa Crooks

Every week, thousands of new apps are seen hitting the mobile market. Unfortunately, the number of hackers working assiduously to tap into these apps to implant malware or phish for user information has also been on the increase. By implication, there is every need to take the security of mobile users very seriously particularly when it comes to app development.

How machine learning APIs are impacting businesses?

Posted by Sandeep raut 

In this Digital age, every organization is trying to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to their internal and external data to get actionable insights which will help them to be closer to today’s customer. Today many of the organizations are using APIs to access the ready-made algorithms available in the market as they make it easy to develop predictive applications. In fact, you don’t even need to have an in-depth knowledge of coding or computer science to introduce them into your apps.

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