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Businesses have started adopting digital transformation and new innovation to stand unique in this competitive business world. Most of the organizations are leveraging technologies to stay ahead in the business world. Generally, they are implementing online banking, retail, and other online services as it helps them to generate high revenue for their business. 

Businesses are working effectively and quickly these days to meet the requirement of their ideal customers, they believe in seizing all the opportunities for transforming their business and take it to a new level of success. Organizations have understood the importance of using the latest technologies for their business, they have started using various technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, etc. Now no one can deny that cloud infrastructure offers excellent support to compute storage, speed, power, and scale.

Interplay Between Latest Technology 

Businesses who want to achieve transformation and massive growth for their business are planning their budget for investing in the latest technology. With solid cloud strategy and agile development processes, they can get support for their innovative ideas and advancements in digital space. Now businesses have robust infrastructure, tools, and services using which they can bring their ideas to the real world. 

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) technology which has introduced various devices that connect us with the Internet and also helps us to operate various gadgets which are connected through this device. IoT technology connects physical devices to the Internet via churns and sensors using a huge amount of data. IoT based devices are no longer an imagination or mysterious for mankind. Various IoT enabled devices are used for the various purposes these days, these devices are being used in the vehicles, health sector, gadgets, smart homes, and everywhere else.

The increased use of IoT based devices results in the increased use of volumes data, due to the increasing number of data Big Data analytics come into the picture. While sometimes big data seems to be redundant and also seem insurmountable, a convergence of data analytics and artificial intelligence can empower businesses, users, manufacturers, to venture into undefeated territories.

Various Problems Faced by IoT Technology

Nowadays, most of the devices have IoT enabled within them, but there is a huge difference when it comes to utilizing the same technology for various purposes. This is just because IoT enabled devices to use sensors and the Internet. But there is no specific way using which you can understand the data which has been produced. Millions of people have been benefited by the IoT technology as it enables them to operate their AC, television, cars, machines in factories, etc from their smartphones. 

But with the help of advanced data analytics and Artificial intelligence developers can easily perspective this IoT data. Whether the data is from IoT-enabled cars, medical devices, home devices or any other source, the deluge of this data cannot be managed manually. To manage such data you need hire developers who can use advanced statistics, predictive analysis, and other methods effectively to provide insights from unstructured and structured data. 

  • Data is always complex to analyze. 
  • Analyzing this data manually is just impossible for anyone.
  • If the data is not analyzed properly various opportunities are missed. 
  • The answer to all your problems lies in artificial intelligence and big data analytics.

Know-How Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Took IoT to the Next Level

Data analytics can analyze and utilize various sizes of data effectively, they can derive meaningful conclusions after examining the whole data. These conclusions can be used for various purposes such as identifying trends, patterns, and also for predicting certain outcomes. Using these conclusion businesses can improve their business strategies, enhance their productivity, make effective decisions for their business, etc. Additionally, these conclusions also help businesses to drive more profits and revenue for your business. 

Various datasets are available which use different sensors, they are:

  • Audio and video streams data.
  • Geo-location sensors data.
  • Social media data.
  • Log files from the system.

Type of Data Analytics That are Used with IoT-Enabled Devices

Streaming Analytics

Streaming analytics uses real-time data streams which is very helpful especially when there is a requirement to understand particular situations immediately. This analytics also helps to track traffic, transactions, etc. 

Spatial Analytics

Spatial Analytics uses location-based data which helps to understand which trends are in usage.

Time-Based Analytics

This analytics is very helpful as it offers all the information related to health, weather, product usage, patterns, etc.

Prescriptive Analytics

Predictive analytics can also be termed as descriptive analytics, using these analytics businesses can improve the productivity of the business. They can increase the productivity of their business which helps them to satisfy the need of their ideal customers. 

Effect of Artificial Intelligence in IoT

According to a Gartner study, 80% of IoT projects uses AI element. Most of the businesses these days are looking forward to using the latest technologies such as deep learning and machine learning which help them to unlock the potentiality of IoT. Using Machine learning they can easily identify patterns and trends within data sets. 

Identification of patterns can be done accurately with the help of machine learning, this identification is depended on various factors. Various aspects of AI such as emotion recognition, behavior analysis, facial recognition, speech recognition, predictive maintenance, etc help to enhance the potentiality of IoT. 

AI and data big data analytics is the most important technology which improves the potentiality of IoT. Both this technology takes IoT to the next level and offers endless opportunities and better experience to customers and businesses. Data analytics and artificial intelligence(AI) ensure the success of IoT technology. 

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