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Everything about Binary Translator and Its Advantages

Binary is one of the most popular numbering systems. If you can read this article, then it is because of the binary numbers and the binary translator. Every electronic system around the world functions with the help of binary numbers.

What is a binary number?

A binary number is nothing but a 2-bit number that has just two numbers: 0 & 1. When the binary is implemented in electronics conduction, the zeros and ones become the electronics gates. These electronics gates are described as true or false. We are going to discuss the same in this article later. But for now, just keep in mind that binary is a two-bit number and it is the smallest among all the other numbers like decimal, hexadecimal or octal.

What is a binary translator?

Binary translator is an online tool that can be used to convert binary to text and another numbering system. As you know binary numbers include just zeros and ones, it becomes very difficult for humans to under a binary number or communicates with the computer in binary. To resolve that issue, developers often prefer to use a binary translator. 

With the help of a binary translator, a communication bridge can easily be developed between the machine and the humans. A human can understand the text languages so a binary translator converts from binary to text when it wants to send a message to the human and text to binary to send a server response. This translation makes the communication process easy for both.

Advantages of Binary:

  • An electronic device can easily be built if binary numbers are used in the core. Since binary numbers include just zeros and ones, electronic systems can read and process binary in the least amount of time. It simply makes the devices work faster compared to the other numbers
  • Binary is used in the logic gates in electronics. With the logic gates, zeros and ones become true and false. Here zero becomes false and one becomes true. On a typical logic gate, if it flashes zero then it means the current cannot pass through and the one means that the current can pass through the gate. Popular logic gates are AND, NOR, NAND, NOT, EXOR, and many others.
  • A binary can also be used in the field of image processing. Many databases prefer to store the image in the form of binary numbers. This technique of image processing does not only decrease the size of an image but also makes it faster for the server to respond to the request. Many modern databases prefer to use binary like this.
  • Binary can easily be converted into other numbering systems like Decimal, Octal, or Hexadecimal. A binary translator can convert binary in text and the other numbers in the least amount of time. For that reason, many developers prefer to use binary and then convert it with a binary translator when required.

So, these are the top best advantages of the binary translator. If you want to develop such a translator, then you can probably use the Javascript programming language. With the help of just two lines of code, you can easily develop a translator. Feel free to tell your thoughts by dropping a comment in the comment box. We would be glad to head back from you.

Denzel Vieta is an Internet of Things App developer who has around 5 years of experience in Python development. Here, in this article, he shares his knowledge about the importance of binary translation in electronics and programming.