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Exploring The Benefits Of Smart Home Automation On A Global Scale

The end of 2020 will see over 30 billion devices connected to the internet, empowering the lives of residents all across the globe. 


This sounds too good to be accurate, but seeing the trends we are witnessing right now, it will eventually turn out to be this rapid! 

A few years back, the idea of a smart home would not have appealed to you since you were not reasonably familiar with home automation concepts. 

Today, however, the tables have turned. Technological homes, with easy access to home automation systems and smart home devices, are a popular choice among millennial homebuyers. 

People who have already invested in their dream home are looking forward to upgrading their sacred space with automated devices. 


But what exactly is home automation? 

If you are still not familiar with the term, let’s get you caught up first! 

Home automation or put, smart home technology refers to a range and suite of automated devices and home appliances that are connected to a single point of the network, shared by them commonly, with the ability to be controlled and managed remotely and independently. 

In other words, home automation devices refer to essential home system devices that can be controlled entirely by the homeowners, with full access to their management, single-handedly from a remote location. 

Home automation system works like a centralized unit, just like any smartphone app, only this one resides with you under your roof. 

From audio/visual devices to security cameras, thermostats, lighting, other major and minor appliances around your home. 

Everything can be controlled remotely while being connected to the common home internet connection, and controlled via manual means or employing a smartphone. 


The future is now! 

Home automation device turns out to be a great luxury in today’s era. They often lead you directly into the sphere of high-functionality devices, which was not possible a few decades before. 

This technological development of the course is still expanding and will continue to grow for several decades until our lives have become more straightforward, more convenient, and more comfortable than ever before. 

Smart home devices or Smart City like these are leading us to relive our animated fantasy and enter a world that resembles The Jetsons. 

The futuristic Jetsons family has offered us our share of adrenaline, right from the very beginning and continues to do so even today. 

Imagine being able to control the smallest, yet the most significant changes around us! 

The lighting, the temperature, your security provisions, your food, drink, and clothing habits; all with a touch of simple screens and voice control actions. 


Spoilt by the feasibility of choices 

The idea of reliving your childhood fantasy, just like the Jetsons family might sound like a massive deal to you but is not too far away. 

The concept is not too far out of our reach. It is not too much of a technological cliche as well. 

The future is now and is feasible and easily accessible, more than what you can think! 

There is, of course, a bundle of benefits that comes along with this easy access. 


The benefits of smart home automation on a global scale 

It is very convenient 

The prime reason why people opt for smart home automation devices on a large scale is because of the convenience it offers. People gain full access, remotely, to their entire home. 

This even includes controlling the temperature of their homes through devices. As stated before, controlling the heat, the music, the multimedia content you get, the audio and visual aids.

Every single element offers you the luxury to spend your time as per your likings, without having to be bound by responsibilities of any kind. 

You do not always have to get out of the comfort of your cozy bed on a chilly winter night to switch your lights off. 

With simple touches over your smartphone and simple gestures, you can do that! 

You do not necessarily have to take some time out of your busy schedule to get updates from around the world; voice-controlled smart devices will keep you updated of the news briefs while you work. 


You are safe at all times

Another reason that adds to the popularity of smart home automation systems is the fact that you can finally live in peace, even when you are leaving your home to go on a vacation. 

It sounds like a miracle to homeowners in quiet towns around the globe; however, it is very accurate! 

You can rely on technology to check up on the safety of your belongings and your home, without having to rely on neighbors who are, of course, friendly, but are humans capable of simple errors. 

Smart security setups can micromanage your home’s safety, even when you are miles away! You will be notified automatically, without any delays in cases of abnormalities. 


It is excellent for people of all ages! 

Smart home automation also takes excellent care of the elderly population, sometimes better than us humans. 

They do not require manual devices to take care of themselves, rather smart help monitors them every second of the day and helps them with their medication, moving around, calling medical assistance and other necessary support. 


Home automation systems are energy efficient 

Not to forget the energy efficiency that we gain from smart home devices. 

The endless use of AI-powered tools around the house does not put a significant impact on the balance of our ecosystem. It aims at restoring the balance. 

You save energy, improve the overall efficiency with the help of smart home technology. 

The lights switch on and off automatically, through smart sense, when you leave your home without turning them off. 

The intelligent sense detects your presence and warmth to do the necessary tasks, thereby saving up energy and carbon in the environment. 


The trajectory 

On an individual level, it seems fun and exciting, to be surrounded by devices that manage your daily routine as per your linkings, but on a global scale, this has turned out to be a game-changer for tech corporations. 

The amount of interest generated via smart home automated devices has turned out to be a significant force, turning the tech markets around on a massive whirlwind. 

The biggest Mobile Application Development Company are today competing against each other, to outdo each other. 

Facebook, Google, Apple, Windows, anyone, and everyone is in this rat race to be the ultimate winner. Bigger and more convenient solutions are being thought about, as far as the significant-tech corporations are concerned. 

Thousands of billions of dollars are being budgeted entirely to develop AI and IoT based devices to make today’s homes and families futuristic. 

The overall statistics state that the smart home device markets have managed to cross $70 Billion mark in 2018 and will continue to increase by over 15% on an annual basis. 

This way, the market is expected to reach over $150 billion by 2025. The growth is tremendous and is, of course, driven by a lot of factors, that have already been mentioned above. 

These factors and the convenience these automated devices offer have managed to drive considerable growth towards the market in the form of willing families and individuals who want to incorporate technology into their lives.  

Watching the trends and the boom in the smart home automation system markets, Governments all across the globe are taking measures to increase the stability of these devices, enhance the security these devices offer and to manage and regulate their benefits and uses around the planet. 

Together, major tech corporations and the Governments are aiming at making the world more tech-friendly!

Harikrishna Kundariya, a co-founder and Director of [email protected] App Development Company. His 8+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on Mobile Application and ChatBot Development. A ChatBot Development Company, eSparkbiz has reached greater heights with his immense contribution.

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