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Internet of Things is ruling the technological world. Bringing out a newer and more easily approachable concept in the market, IoT has grabbed the attention of many with its excellent usability and service offerings that can lead any business or investor to thriving success. Also, the continuous updates in the technology and availability of excellent developers have made the development of IoT-based solutions easier than ever.

Future of IoT is Bright and Beautiful

The Internet of things primarily focuses on connecting all the devices together. It allows the user to get control over all devices from a remote location easily and requires only a few resources for doing so. Also, the popularity of IoT is increasing, as the report by Statista suggests that there will be 75.44 billions of devices connected through IoT by 2025. Increasing productivity and providing easy to use facilities, IoT is sure to rule the world with its concept that connects the entire world together.

Security Concerns: IoT is Vulnerable to Attacks

As there are physical devices connected and form a network, the entire network can be compromised if even a single fault is present in any of the other device's gateway. The hackers are becoming smart by each passing day and controlling their behavior has become more difficult as they always find out a way to breach the security concerns put into effect. As IoT-based solutions have been turning to mobile applications, the personal information of a user can be put into great danger with not so secure IoT network connected.

Mobile Applications: Implements IoT at its best

The popularity of mobile apps is increasing by leaps and jumps. The development of these apps is at its full pace and so most of the IoT solutions are also developed to support the needs of users and add it as the controlling authority of the network created. However, as IoT is quite vulnerable to security, it poses a big problem. The hacker can access the data stored on the mobile phone of users through the sensors and the connected devices.

A single entered worm in the IoT system can track and steal all the data of customers and it is a bigger concern for now. Mobile phones hold greater importance in the entire IoT system. It provides users with central control over each device and hence the connected devices can access it, it becomes vulnerable to possible attacks because of the easier accessibility and in the world where our most important information like banking details, personal details and more are generally stored in mobile phones, it poses a greater risk.

Not only this information but also, the sensors attached in our mobile devices stores our location data and more on time when asked upon by applications that use the location data to track and provide excellent services. The list includes many apps that aim to deliver the best experience and it primarily includes ride-hailing applications ( Uber or uber clone), food delivery apps, social media apps ( Instagram or Snapchat) and many more. The accessible data is then used for providing real-time tracking, automatic address insertion, sharing real-time location and much more easily.

The attackers can easily use the GPS and location information collected and put it up for their personal use and exploit the privacy and security concerns.

Take Over Control on Everything

If the IoT network connection is not secure, the attackers can take over the control over the entire system and exploit it as per their wish. The IoT-enabled devices are required to be excellent at implementing security concerns. A single hole in the security of anyone can give access to all others and hackers can easily take over the entire system in minutes. 

Especially for business networks and home security systems, the locks can be turned off easily and the control over lights, cameras, and other devices goes totally into their hands. The requirement for secure network increases and so for the developers who can guarantee to provide excellent control over the entire system.

Attackers can Tamper with Data

Using the collected data and hacked devices to their advantage are the primary reasons behind these attacks. As the attackers can easily access the data of yours, they can tamper them to influence other misunderstandings and affect the overall performance of the entire system. If you run a business and your system has been compromised, the data collection of your customers can be stolen and also your personal data is put at a greater risk.

Using the hacked devices, they can also monitor your activities from a distance and can tamper your privacy too. The security concerns related to IoT are increasingly being put to focus to avoid any problems in the near future. The development of counter mechanisms for stopping the security breaches is in process and developers are working their best to find possible solutions.

Final Notes

IoT is a great concept. And as always with greater benefits comes greater risks. But with the increasing awareness about the security concerns, the modern and more security-oriented development approach and better interface and gateway designs ensure users of providing maximum security and improve the productivity of entire systems being formed. 

The battle between developers and hackers is never-ending but keeping some important security constraints and guidelines of devices in mind, the users can avoid the risks of getting hacked. IoT universe promises a future where everything will be connected but the users are supposed to protect themselves from possible risks by finding out the best way to keep their systems enclosed.


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