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For the affects of IOT, we first need to know about the concept of IOT.

IOT stands for Internet of Things, as the abbreviation contains the term internet so it is very much related to internet. Internet of Things means controlling devices wirelessly with the help of any app on your phone through the internet connection or sometimes using wireless connection like Bluetooth or WIFI. We have seen the ads like, switching on Ac’s when you were returning from your workplace or from outside, that’s what IOT is all about.  IOT requires some special sensors or devices which can be used to control your devices wirelessly through your phone. This technology is majorly used for development of smart cities, smart houses, connected cars etc. As there are many things which need to be handled smartly, like street lights, traffic lights, distance measuring sensors etc. This technology is quite old in the IT sector but its implementation has just started as we have advance technology to develop devices related to it.

Positive impacts of IOT on mobile apps development:

  • The IOT has a very huge impact over the apps as earlier we were just using the apps for our personal use and gaining information through that but with the advancement in the field of IOT industries need those apps which can control various devices through internet or could create a network of those devices.
  • After connecting these apps to the IOT devices, gives you complete control of the features embedded in your gadget or your device. You can simply access these devices single handedly and from any part of this world as the connection is made over the internet.
  • Now days, with the advancement of technology, these mobile apps can help us to access IOT enabled devices in various fields such as education, healthcare, marketing, travel etc.
  • Earlier, IOT devices needed some special equipment to control but with the increment in the field of app and web development, we do not require those devices anymore.

Negative impacts of IOT on mobile apps development:

  • However, it is true that IOT has just stepped into the industrial field so it will take enough time to prosper. As IOT devices include different types of processors so they are quite expensive and beyond the reach of every person.
  • While using IOT devices, you have to compromise a bit with the security as most of the apps control these devices with the help of internet so it can be easily hacked.
  • Sometimes, we are out of the internet coverage area then we cannot be able to access our IOT devices.

Developing IOT friendly mobile apps

The mobile applications have revolutionized the mobile field providing more power in the hands of the customers, as well as more for industries and retailers. When mobile apps will be more interactive and well synchronized with the physical objects, IOT adds a great value to our lives.

All in all, with the constant development in the field of IOT, mobile apps are leading our lives to a better connected world.

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