How Is IoT transforming Event Management?

Emerging technologies have completely changed the landscape of every business, and event planning and management is no exception. Gone are the days of manual registers and paper flyers as the event management industry is swiftly moving towards technologies like internet of things (IoT) and augmented reality (AR) to find unique ways for enhanced attendees engagement.

What is IoT? How is it transforming Event Management Industry?

The Internet of Things or IoT is the concept of connecting any computing devices over the internet to collect and share data using embedded sensors without human intervention.

The opportunities offered by IoT are in abundance to transform any industry. Further, it plays a significant role in revolutionizing event management industry, by rendering mesmerizing experience to the event attendees.

The event industry relies on tons of data, including speakers, potential attendees, caterers, venues, attendees’ check-ins, and payments. IoT has the potential to provide a treasure of attendees data to the event planners and managers to make informed decisions. Information extracted from the data can be utilized for better planning, management, and engagement of the event.


Let’s discuss some of the major applications of IoT in Event Management:

  • Automated Online Registrations: Manual registration of the attendees at the events is one of the biggest hassles in event management. Nowadays, Smartphones are already equipped with technologies like BLE, NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi, and more. Theses connectivities can be used by event managers to automate the registration process for attendees at the event. Attendees can check-in with the online registration portal when they are around the venue by enabling BLE in their smartphones. An automated notification can be sent to the visitor’s phone, directing them to proceed towards the collection booth to collect their event badges. Hence, it indeed cuts down waiting time and workforce costs required to manage onsite registrations.
  • Smart Catering: It’s challenging to keep track of what most of the attendees will prefer to eat. However, everyday objects such as coffee makers and other food making equipment can be connected with IoT. With the help of the log consumption of edibles at the previous events, event managers can accurately predict the estimation of various eatables that saves you money as well as minimizes food wastage.
  • Intelligent Lighting: IoT can control the lighting of the entire event in a much more cost-effective and efficient manner. With the adoption of smart lighting, event managers can monitor and manage the lighting systems of the whole game anytime, anywhere just at a click from their mobile phones.
  • Enhanced Security through Smart Buildings: Internet of things has transformed simple buildings into “Smart Buildings” that comprises of doors & windows, air conditioners, and more that can be monitored and controlled centrally. With Smart buildings, you can control doors to either stay open to welcome your guests (visitors) or get locked to keep the unwelcome guests out of the premises by integrating video surveillance systems.

To conclude, online event planning solution helps the event manager to create amazing and engaging experiences for their attendees.

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