How Will Big Data and IoT Shape the Future of Apps Market?

Technological advancements and the surge of mobile platforms have announced the new era of global economy, and the booming app market is expanding with lightning speed. Big Data has a powerful influence on business operation on a global scale, although the rates of adoption are not that convincing. What is more, the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) means that it will not be long before all household items are equipped with wireless capacity. For an app market, which relies heavily on knowledge and data, particularly user feedback, this has strong implications. It is time to think big in terms of data.

The many corridors of the gold mine

Mining big data has been simplified, but the amount of info being sent across the internet is mind-boggling. Leveraging such an immense ocean of facts and figures is not exactly a walk in the digital park. It is estimated that mere 0,5% of existing data is actually broken down.  The forest of all-knowledge is vast, and when exploring it, one has to know what to look for. Adjusting the aim and hitting the mark with more precision may include a tiring process of trial and error. Therefore, many enterprises chose to hire capable analysts and employ business intelligence software in order to dive into consumer data.

Mobile applications are one of the most prolific tech developments that contribute to the rise of Big Data. Above all else, a global framework of app usage is an invaluable source of information on the people’s habits, desires, characteristics and preferences. Despite what some people claim, the advantage does not lie in the volume, but the specific content. App providers aim to pick up manageable and useful data. It is not about them acquiring a structured data, but about their quest being much more organized and focused than a random search.

Men and the machines

The goal of the app developer is to utilize pertinent information for improving the product. That way, they can expand the customer base and collect even bigger amounts of info. Another great benefit is that the promotional messages can be tailored to the needs and wants of those who spend money on software novelties. There are also a number of applications dependent on the direct input from the sea of Big Data. This is the requirement for some primary functionalities and suggestions, as the contextual information is gathered from someone’s use of the app.

So, app developers must display impeccable planning and execution of data mining strategies. Fierce competition induces the process of constant innovation, while the Machine learning and IoT take these trends to new heights. Still, the IoT may actually reduce the value of apps for the further growth of Big Data. These phenomena have complex relationships. For example, the Big Data and IoT feed one another, but sometimes they turn to feeding off each other. It is also possible that the app industry will not keep the pace with the meteoric rise of Big Data.

One thing is for sure though. Review apps will continue to harness direct input, but also take other clues into consideration. A shopping app, on the other hand, analyzes previous purchases, your location and interests. It is hard to predict how well our gadgets will become familiar with us, but there is little doubt about the direction in which the market is heading. This can be a somewhat unsettling notion and people are already envisioning dystopian scenarios and the uprising of the machines. While this has little to do with the outline of the foreseeable future, many people are concerned about the security issues, and rightfully so.

It is clear that one cannot expect to reap all the benefits of Big Data without taking measures to protect vital information. The truth is, with solutions such as remote access software, users are able to stay in touch with data stored on their devices, regardless of the location. Data encryption and other advanced techniques are getting more sophisticated, but that is also true for cyber threats and hackers. Through it all, data miners are tirelessly looking for chunks of wisdom and pieces of insight. They cannot afford to wander the dark corridors for too long, and they keep their eyes open for guiding lights in the form of popular applications.

Is this thing your friend?

Accommodating the desires of a diverse customer base is the prime task of an app developer. Apps are now capable of offering highly personalized suggestions that may even outmatch recommendations of your close friends.  It is clear that there is a mutually beneficial and empowering relation between the Big Data and app market.  They will continue to make a strong impact on the global business landscape, transforming it into a matrix of ever-growing depths of information and attempts to structure it into actionable knowledge. We have only scratched the surface and the great potential of Big Data and IoT remains to be exploited.

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