IoT and IIOT Cybersecurity Market Map

CB Insights has identified 78 private companies at the intersection of cybersecurity and connected hardware, which includes: critical infrastructure, mobile phones, connected devices, enterprise endpoints, and connected cars.

The breakdown of categories is as follows:

Critical Infrastructure: Startups in this category include Indegy which provides real-time situational awareness, visibility, and security for industrial control systems used across critical infrastructure, including energy, water utilities, petrochemical plants, manufacturing facilities, etc. Similar companies such as CyberX can detect network anomalies by analyzing the operational behavior of industrial internet networks using Big Data and Machine Learning. The company Bastille Networks is among the more unique startups in this category, with a product that scans air space to provide visibility into RF-emitting devices. Bastille has broad implications across the connected hardware cybersecurity market.

Mobile Phones: Companies in this category include three unicorns valued at $1B+. They are: Okta which offers cloud-based identity management and mobility management services, Lookout which is a smartphone security company for the Android and iOS platforms, and Avast Software which offers security and privacy solutions also for iOS and Android.

Connected Devices: Included are companies like Mocana which secures IP addressable devices as well as the information, applications, and services that run on them. Companies in this category also include MedCrypt which offers the ability to manage all of the digital keys needed for users to securely access medical devices.

Enterprise Endpoints: Startups like the unicorn Tanium offer a systems management solution that allows enterprises to collect data and update endpoints across networks. Another unicorn in this category is Cylance, which operates in defense of enterprises’ endpoints by applying artificial intelligence algorithms to predict, identify, and stop malware and advanced threats.

Connected Cars: Argus Cyber Security enables car manufacturers to protect technologically advanced connected vehicles from malicious cyber attacks.

The full company list is here


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