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IoT Central Discussion Forums

Do you know about the IoT Central Discussion Forums? This is the place to ask pertinent questions and share knowledge with the IoT Central community in a less formal way than a blog post. Current forum topics include ROI, IoT and data lakesresources for IIoT app developers, and where to find IoT project management materials. To start a discussion on our forum, click here.

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All That You Need to Know About The Internet of Things Security

Posted by Mehul Rajput 

The Internet of Things can be easily victimized and so the security of the IoT becomes paramount under these circumstances. The world has already come under the scanner with major cyber threats such as the WannaCry Ransomware, NotPetya, etc. where the hackers were successful in millions of computer systems across the globe jeopardizing the entire internet networking. However, the cyber security experts are much apprehended over the fact that firms, internet users or neither the IoT manufactures are serious about the security of devices connected with the internet.

Can the Public Internet Secure Our Digital Assets?

Posted by Mary Clark 

There is a lot of talk, and, indeed, hype, these days about the internet of things. But what is often overlooked is that the internet of things is also an internet of shared services and shared data. What’s more, we are becoming too heavily reliant on public internet connectivity to underpin innovative new services.

State of Home Automation Technology: What Makes Dumb Houses Smart?

Posted by Andrei Klubnikin

Although the global Smart Home market is projected to top $ 14 billion this year, most Home Automation products available on the market right now are basic IoT devices connected to a smartphone app. With all those DIY solutions, universal remotes and standalone gadgets like Nest thermostat, the Smart House technology has never been more confusing. What does the future of Home Automation look like – and what makes dumb houses truly smart?

ICYMI: Embedded Software is Eating the World

Posted by David Oro

Software is eating the world wrote Marc Andreessen in The Wall Street Journal on August 20, 2011. Since that time every company in the world has beefed up their software teams and their digital transformation initiatives. Afterall, software is a key competitive advantage, and to survival.  In the IoT space, we often think about the application software that power industrial systems and consumer connected devices. But what about the embedded software written to control machines or devices that are not typically thought of as computers? This is almost everything, from a small digital watch, e-bikes, electronic control units in cars, microwaves and missile guidance systems. For insight we turned to Jeffrey Fortin, Head of Product Management, Vector Software.

Photo Credit: Xavier Bentes

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