IoT meets Augmented Reality

Many years ago there was an entertaining television commercial in the USA where a company, I think it was Wendy's, explained how much care and effort they put into making a perfect meal for their customers. Each and every focal point that showed the extra care and effort they took was followed by some lame guy saying "Boy, you sure make a lot of work for yourselves!!" At the time I didn't realise how many truisms this commercial contained, but the implied message of "Good things take extra effort" didn't escape me and with time I learned to appreciate how much work really goes into making extraordinary things.

PTC also seems to have taken this philosophy to heart. While it is very easy to find large software products that are complex, difficult to use, and bug-ridden, it is a rare treat to find a powerful tool that does a great deal of heavy lifting for you in an elegant and reliable manner. For my dime, PTC has done just that with their ThingWorx ensemble. They have made a lot of work for themselves, so that you and I don't have to.

Although there are numerous vendors offering IoT solutions, ThingWorx is the only one I have found that focuses on developing IoT interfaces with a minimum of coding skills required and has an Augmented Reality design interface. Considering the time and effort that has gone into the development of ThingWorx Studio, I expect it will be a quite some time before any IoT competitors match or exceed the ThingWorx platform capabilities.

ThingWorx is more of a concept than an application suite. It works very diligently to create an ecosystem for IoT devices to be created, deployed and maintained with a minimum of effort and a maximum of consistency and reliability. Whereas in the "old world" vendors would create proprietary solutions, forcing you to live within the boundaries of their technology, ThingWorx opens the world of IoT to allow companies to pick and choose Best-of-Breed solutions for the specific needs that they have. No longer should you be locked into proprietary technology, tying your fate and fortune to that of your supplier.

This article ( is an abbreviated review of the ThingWorx Studio and its surrounding concepts.

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