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I began collecting information on various home automation hubs, industrial IoT Platforms, hardware solutions, software technologies, and variety of different “things”. All of the data I collated into what I am calling my “Thing of Things” (ToT) database.

I currently have 8,821 data points across 541 organizations, 532 product lines, and 63 countries. A large number of the organizations have formed over the past 6 years.

The organizations are mostly in the consumer IoT space although I have been adding Industrial IoT (IIoT) organizations as well. The category of product lines include hardware, software, sensors, IoT platforms, hardware manufacturers, operators, etc.

Since my background is mostly in wireless communication product development, my most recent analysis of the data is related to the programming languages used in IoT. If you are interested in getting into IoT, this could help guide you on which language(s) to learn.

As my data collection continues, I will revise this chart. At this point it is difficult to say what % of the IoT organizations I have covered.

The “Other” languages include R, Lua, Groovy, Scratch, and Swift.

As you can see from the above chart, Javascript, Python, Java, C++, and C are the most popular. With the fairly recent development of Micro Python ( and smaller and cheaper micro-processors I expect Python and C/C++ will continue to be the leading languages of IoT.

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