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IoT Use Case - Battery Powered Device

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Battery-powered devices are comfortable to use but have also some major issues. Especially during the development, some important aspects must be taken into consideration, unfortunately it is not just replacing the power plug. In the first episode of my new series, "IoT Use Case", I want to focus on the topic of "battery-powered devices" and give you some of my main take aways from the experience I was able to gain in real projects.

Battery concepts are essential for IoT

Internet of things and connected devices essential idea is to connect easily everything to everything or at least to a joint control center to gather the data and derive or gain new knowledge from the data to make our environment more intelligent/efficient. The concept of purely battery-powered devices fits perfectly with this idea, especially if you want to fulfill the requirement "easily". Just an example.

Besides all concerns about the ecologic footprint, waste etc. which are fully relevant in the case of batteries, just think about any device on the market. Now imagine you can use this device with a cable or without and think about the gain of comfort if no cable is available. To be honest, I guess there are very few examples where someone will buy a cabled device if the usability of the one without batteries is comparable. With usability, I don't mean a nice user interface but the holistic usability like e.g. battery lifetime is enough for 90% of your use cases, response time to your inputs is less then 400 ms, connectivity is available if you need to send or receive data etc.

Below I summarized some important engineering topics which shall be considered during the development of battery-powered IoT device to let you focus on the usability part and create more great devices for the market.

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