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Automation has managed to create quite a buzz in the recent times by dramatically impacting almost every aspect of our lives. With robots replacing laborers in manufacturing vehicles or systems of artificial intelligence (AI) driving cars on our behalf, this extensive concept is concerning almost all the individuals because it is simply killing the job sectors.

Which Industries are Affected the most by Automation?

According to the latest report, automation has the potential to replace factory workers, miners, travel agents and bank tellers. The truck and taxi drivers must also start worrying because the automated technology threatened 2.2 to 3.1 million people all across the globe, who are involved in the transportation sector. Innovative software is developed having the capability of assessing substantial volumes of documents, thus, eliminating most of the professionals in IT. With the advancement of such software programs, individuals with other sorts of occupation such as accountants would also be replaced easily.

While we did understand that automation is depriving people of their jobs, there is another brighter side to the story. Individuals with tech skills are greatly in demand for without them an automation system cannot be installed or operated. However, they are hired in absolutely negligible numbers.

Is the World going to Suffer from Mass Employment?

Well, studies did manifest that automation would adversely impact the varied working sectors but the chances of mass employment are quite unlikely. Although it needs to be duly informed that people, who are technologically incompetent would surely stay behind. Thus, in order to reverse the detrimental effects of automation, it is necessary for the people to have at least some sort of knowledge in the tech field. Even medical personnel and lawyers need to learn the usage of contemporary tools so that they can stay abreast of all these ongoing changes.

Now that we know, which sectors are going to be affected and what are the ways by which we may use automation to our favors, it is time to talk about those professions that have simply no reasons to worry.

Which Industries are not to be Affected by Automation?

Automation would not be able to kill the jobs that require interpersonal skills and empathy. Now can you imagine programmed robots to be psychiatrists helping you to deal with life’s complex issues? Quite hard isn’t it? Well, that is because it is not possible. Consultants communicate and extend affection for treating and curing people. Same goes for teachers imparting knowledge. Well, of course, technological education managed to gain recognition and students are using modern-day gadgets for studying but all of these cannot really be compared to the experience of an educator, whose love nurtures the pupils, making them ready for the outer world. Other examples are the jobs of nurses, personal trainers, makeup artists, hairdressers, etc., which cannot really be affected by automation. 

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