Jobs you can get with these digital skill sets

With the revolution in IT regarding the connectivity and internet, a new concept of internet of things is being evolved. This is increasing the number of jobs in this sector for example; 3D printing has shown a growth of whooping 1800%. Some of the jobs that you can get if you have the right skillset are-

  • Agriculture technologist-vehicle location, need of fertilizers, fuel in the vehicles and even check the moisture of the soil all are detected by using a network of sensors. Agricultural technologist can be very helpful to the farmers for maximizing their production.
  • Grid modernization engineers- the electric grids that are being used are becoming outdated and the need for ‘smart’ grid has started to rise. These grids would make the power consumption more effective for which, they will be needed to monitor the power consumption of each house, street lamps and even the traffic signals. Imagine the communications that will take place between the sensors and for this the employer needs someone who is an expert in the field.
  • Wearable techs- smart watches, smart t shirt all are perfect example of how this interconnectivity is increasing between the sensors of the same gadget. With smart watches you can take and make calls with your watch and the smart shirt records all your activity and stores it for further review. The market is growing and you can find out lots of jobs.
  • Medical robot designer- with the advancement in medical science, the surgeries are now being done using robots that of course is more accurate. All the sensors, small gears and all the complex machinery are actually interconnected because of which it is showing such growth. In near future, it is being estimated by the experts that robots will replace the doctors in the surgery rooms which will help this sector grow and invite the deserving for a bright future.
  • Data security expert-More and more the devices communicate with each other easier it gets for the hacker to get a loophole and create an information breach. Data security experts need to understand the breaches and are expected to keep the data secure from any hacking attack.
  • Cloud computing expert-if the devices need to communicate; it needs to be a common place from where they retrieve data and send it. Any computer’s hard drive not being sufficient the information is now getting stored online often called on the cloud. Data is at the apex position of concern to companies this is needed to be done in a proper way for which an expert is required.


There are few leading companies which are looking for talent in this sector:

  • IBM
  • PTC – The Product Development Company
  • Savi Group
  • Intel
  • Amazon
  • Red Hat, IncCisco Systems, Inc

IOT is a newly introduced market in IT sector that is rapidly increasing. People who possess the right skillset might provide the job that will give them a bright future.

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