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The hotel industry and the hospitality sector is one of the rapidly growing businesses of all over the world.  According to statista the total retail value of the global hotel industry is set to cross USD 500 Billion in 2018.

Due to this cut-throat competition, hospitality industries are gambling and trying different technologies in their hotels to attract more customers. The recent addition of such technology is Amazon Alexa integration (The latest voice-enabled technology).  Yes! Amazon Alexa for the hotels is the new search term in the Google for the hotel owners.

If you are a hotel owner and looking forward to attracting more customers to your hotel, then this article is for you.

This article covers:

  • How Amazon Alexa can help you manage the hotel services?
  • How your guest will be benefitted by Amazon Alexa?
  • Which top hotel companies are using Amazon Alexa for the hospitality?
  • Competitors of the Amazon Alexa

Let’s cut to the chase and know how Amazon Alexa for hotels can increase the hotel business.

Offer more efficient services for Management

Amazon Alexa skills provide efficient operations and management for the staff and proffer streamlined experience to the guests.

  1. Alexa enabled devices in the hotel rooms

 Placing Amazon Alexa enabled devices in the room brings comfort to the next level.  Guest loves to operate devices automatically. By incorporating Amazon Alexa skills in the hotel room guest can control the temperature without getting out of their bed. In addition,  turning on/off the Tv, lights, and do not disturb light outside the door are the other skills that are amazing.

  1. Streamline staff communication and hotel operations

Amazon Alexa for hotels not only helps guests but also helps in efficient staff management and make operations seamless. It removes the need of that old method of clipboards. Whether it’s a room cleaning or any food order to give, Alexa is there! The Alexa integrated solution facilitates staff to complete more room service and work within less time.

Enhancing the guest experience

Amazon Alexa for hotels serves the guest by providing outstanding, streamlined and unique experience.

  1. Reception of the guests personally

In the case of not greeting properly by the hoteliers, Amazon Alexa devices (Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo dot) can personally greet and welcome guests when they enter the room.

  1. Playing Music and videos for the amusement of the guests

One of the best skills of the Amazon Alexa in the hospitality industry is its capability to entertain the guests. By commanding the Alexa, guest can play music or movie for entertainment.

  • Amazon Alexa as concierge

Guests get exhausted after the long journeys and they want seamless room allotment without any friction in the process. They don’t want to wait for accessing the concierge during the peak time. Guests will be relieved if the voice of the concierge will be brought into the room. Hotelier will be benefitted by the role-playing of the concierge by the Alexa.

Here are the popular hotels that are using Amazon Alexa for Hotels.

  • Best Western Plus Hawthorne Terrace

It is the popular Chicago hotel which is experimenting with the Amazon Alexa devices to help guests and staff. This device welcomes the guest on arrival in the room. In addition, guests can also request for the other services.

  • Marriot hotel

The world’s largest hotel chain has also implemented Alexa skills into its aloft hotels. They provide temperature control; close draped turn on/off lights, television, and other usual stuff.

  • Wynn hotel

Wynn hotel had integrated Amazon Alexa echo device into its 4748 rooms allowing its users to control the temperature, open the curtains, fire the TV, turning on the service lights and get the basic information like news and weather.

  • Pacifica

The Irvin based hotel has incorporated Alexa for hotels and used voice assistant to provide guest streamlined experience. Some of the skills are asking for the extra towel, local recommendation, information regarding hotel services.

  • Competitors of the Amazon Alexa

Another assistant like Cortana, Siri, and Google home are also making their presence in the hotels and hospitality industry. The Aloft hotel in Boston's seaport is using apple voice assistance, Siri.

 Marriot hotels along with the Amazon Alexa are assembling Siri to their hotels.


To recapitulate, not only the health sector and the business sector but the hospitality industry is also Integrating Alexa skills to their hotels to give customers an amazing experience. By early deployment of the Alexa skill in the hotel, they are increasing their brand value.

Alexa for the hotels is just a starting of the evolution in the way we are interacting with the surrounding world.   Incorporating IoT and AI with the Alexa will have a prolific outcome in the businesses.  If you are a hotelier and looking forward to increasing your hotel business then you should approach for some well known Alexa skill development company that can aid you in successful integration.

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