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My first hands-on experience with a drone goes back to summer of 2012 when I visited my little cousin in Cincinnati. It was what he called a quadcopter. My cousin would place it on his palm and launch it from there with an Xbox-type-controller. It could easily go around the neighborhood, making rounds near the lake before settling back on my cousin’s palm.

It had a rotating camera with which he used to spy on his brother and complain their mother. That was best holiday of my life. We were all kids, free, careless and had a drone to play around. It was a cute toy that everybody in the neighborhood used to adore.

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We used to watch a lot of sci-fi movies, and the notion of a full-scale robot that is indistinguishable from a human used to fascinate us the most. A neighboring guy who returned from Japan after spending most of the childhood there used to tell us the story of how kids over there would fight their home-made robots against each other on heavy bets.

The term AI started making rounds in mainstream media the same time. Artificial intelligence (AI, also machine intelligence, MI) is intelligence displayed by machines, in contrast with the natural intelligence (NI) displayed by humans and other animals. Yes, NI or natural intelligence is a term now.

What is AI?

AI is defined by two definitions that overlap each other at the time of mobile application development and conceptualization.

  1. Machines perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal.
  2. Machine mimics/ emulate "cognitive" functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as "learning" and "problem solving".

AI and Drones

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Did I mention my cousin and I used to control the quadcopter with a joystick? If you look at the 1st definition of AI, it talks about reaching or arriving at the goal without human intervention. That’s, an AI-enabled drone just need a goal to trigger a series of reaction in order to realize its goal. The goal could be fed to it by a human directly with the help of a computing device capable of natural language processing and run party applications.

The delivery drones and AI

There are many reasons people would prefer a drone over a delivery boy. Drones are cute, they don’t need to call you for direction, they don’t give a damn about traffic, they are harmless, and they don’t expect tips. For businesses, keeping a force of delivery drones is much less of an expense than a team of human delivery boys. They may be costly to procure but they don’t expect remuneration like humans. And with AI, they are becoming as smart as a trained human.

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A delivery drone must be, extremely, cautious of its surrounding and should be able to take decisions on its own. To pick items from one place to another, it must be location-aware and connected to the internet. In addition, it should protect itself from birds and bad weather.

As defined in the second definition of Artificial Intelligence, an important facet of AI enabled machines is this that they can learn from their experience. That is if an intelligent drone learns that the shortest path from A to B isn’t via c but D. It’ll will take the route via D whenever it has to go to B.

My cousin quadcopter with AI: A concept

What if, the quadcopter I grew up playing with was AI enabled. My cousin would never have needed a controller to control it. He would just tell the quadcopter to spy on his brother 10 times a day and it would do that several times a day while my cousin is resting his bumps in front of the video game, sharing popcorn with me. When it is done making the spying round, it would email interesting photos straight to their mother.

That would have made our childhood lazy, have given us a lot more time to play video games, made us lot more arrogant humans who expects things to be done by themselves. After all, technology is supposed to make our life easier and it evolves as our life complicates further. Otherwise, we don’t need a drone in the first place.

The invisible drone

Not in a literal sense but those drones would be so small that they will become invisible at a height to an everyday viewer. Come on, we don’t see every object that flies over us. Even when it does, we don’t give a damn. We have better things to do. For example, my boss’s wife had a birthday last week and it took me three hours in blistering cold to pick her the best cake.

Well jokes apart, they could see you when you couldn’t. If at all they will be visible they would look like a fly. Such a small size means, they can charge their battery with a light source in your house in seconds while looking like an innocent fly enjoying bright light at night.

This one is scary: The drone swarm

Coming back to my cousin’s quadcopter, except this time there will thousands of it together.

They could overpower guns and technology that armed forces have used for years. Think about it: in a city like New York, squads of tiny quadrotors could roam around to gather intelligence.

They can attack a warship while having a footprint too small for a gun or missile to hunt them down. Nonetheless, one missile can hunt down a couple of member, but the swarm will rearrange and keep going.

Pocket Drones

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Pocket drones are small enough to carry in your pocket without feeling uncomfortable. They fly indoors, in your home and bring your smartphone when you left it in the bathroom, pick your newspaper as soon as you sit on your couch or bring your favorite book or a chilled bottle of beer during bedtime.

Sounds too good to be true! This is just the beginning.

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Amazon Alexa has opened a new level of opportunity for small business and enterprises.

We all have experienced the panic attacks of remembering that the coffee maker is still on, the garage door wasn’t closed and then you started to doubt whether you have closed the main door. You are far away from the home and helpless. Smart homes are breaking this cycle.

Technology is making our life very easy and convenient, with each passing day you’ll get a new invention making your life easier. Today You can manage your Motion sensors, utilities, light appliances, switches, remote, doors and windows with your voice control. Just take your phone out of your pocket and turn off the coffee maker, check the lock status of doors and turn off the lights.

We all are aware about the popularity of Alexa; amazon Alexa is redefining virtual assistance. Alexa is a cloud based voice recognition service API that has the capability to enable next generation voice enabled IoT ecosystem. The basic features of Alexa are alarms and timers, checking for weather and sports, streaming music, and answering questions by using the Bing search engine and Wikipedia.

But we humans are never satisfied with the basics, Alexa is now trained to connect to smart home devices to provide a new level of experience to the users.

According to the investment firm Mizuho, “Amazon Echo can exceed a revenue of $ 11 billion by the end of 2020.”

This is the new revolution for businesses and enterprises; today people are opting for smart homes rather than traditional products. Companies like Philips, LG, Wink, Iris and much more have already integrated Amazon Alexa Skills with their Mobile Apps and their customers are loving their innovative approach.

How does Amazon Alexa skills work?

To use Amazon Echo we need to write a script and upload it to Amazon Lambda Server.

Whenever you send a command to Alexa; a call will be sent to Alexa skills set using message queuing transportation(MQTT) protocol.

The Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) allows, IoT Full Stack Developers, Programmers, coders, Consultants to create engaging skills and reach millions of customers. ASK is a collection of tools, documentation, code samples, and self-service APIs that provides quick and convenient ways to add new skills to Alexa. ASK works with the field of field of voice design to leverage Amazon’s innovative work and knowledge. We have to write the skills that need to be implemented in ASK. These are known as intents like open, turn on, the commands we give to Alexa. And we create intents which match the commands.

With AWS Lambda, you can easily run code without managing the servers. Lambda doesn’t require administration, you can run code for virtually any type of Mobile Application or Mobile App backend service. You can set up your code to automatically trigger from other AWS services or call it directly from any web or mobile app.

Have a look at some trending Smart Home Amazon Echo devices enabled with an Alexa skills:

. Locks and home security:

ADT and Alexa have combined to protect your home in a smarter way. With Alexa, you can seamlessly arm and disarm your system, control door locks and even close your garage door. ADT is not the only company that supports Alexa, August Smart Lock and Scout Alarm are also in the competition. Although their functionalities are different, they have the same aim of home security with virtual assistance.

If you are having a home security equipment business, then you should upgrade to the latest trends before your competitor. Contact us now we will build mobile app and create new Alexa skills for your products.

2. Thermostats:

Amazon has recently upgraded its skill kit to support thermostats. You can control your home temperature just by commanding to Alexa. Companies like Ecoobee, Emerson Sensi and Nest Learning are leading in smart thermostats providers.

Honeywell is a startup that gathers the courage to step into smart thermostats by following Nest concept. And soon gained the limelight among the smart Alexa supported thermostats.

Why don’t you try for smart thermostats? Don’t worry, you don’t have to do much, We have IoT full stack Developers, who have deep understanding of make your thermostats smarter Talk to us now.

3. Lights:

Alexa doesn’t only turn on and off your home lights, it can change the color of the bulbs, adjust the brightness and much more. The trending smart product in lights in Lifx, it offers custom Alexa skills for voice activated color changes.

Do you think you can compete with companies like Philips and Lifx? Give it a try, enter into the era of voice based command for connected home devices and appliances.

Talk to our specialist and get the free quotation now Contact Us

Let’s talk about the services that are integrated with Alexa now, Alexa is supporting various interactive services for the users.

If you are thinking of a startup or you are already having a startup, then you can consider these services as an idea. Don’t worry, we will guide you whenever you need. Have a look at some interesting services of Alexa:


Spotify integrates with Amazon echo and allows control of your music with the voice commands. Thinking about how to play Spotify with Amazon Alexa? Just link your Spotify account to Amazon Alexa app in the settings section and then change your default music services to Spotify. That’s it you are done, all you have to do now is ask Alexa to play your songs and you will get your songs.

Spotify is the leading music provider, you can be the next. Tell us your idea and we will create one for you.


Do you know you can ask Alexa to book a ride for you? Yes, Alexa can book your Uber ride just by voice control. Ask Alexa to book your cab, cancel your ride or how far is the cab; Alexa will have all the answers.

We have the right skill set to develop your next Uber clone app. Talk to our specialists to know more.


Domino’s has always been the fastest pizza chain with its online pizza trackers and ordering pizza from pizza emoji option. Ask Alexa to order your pizza and you will get your pizza delivered at your place without even touching your phone.

Do you have a food chain? Why don’t you try Alexa? Tell us your requirement and we will give you the most innovative solution.

Alexa skills are not limited to these services only; Alexa can be trained for any skill set.


If you have any new idea that you think can integrate with Amazon Alexa to give a better experience to users then tell us. We are here for the help.

We have an expert team of fullstack developers that are well experienced in integrating Amazon Alexa with Mobile app and consumer electronics devices, services. Our developers will work extensively on your requirement to make your project innovative, and trending among your competitors. We are working on IoT solutions to enable IoT in home, schools, and office buildings.

This article was originally published here: How Amazon Alexa is Revolutionizing the Businesses and Enterprises

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