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That app development is popular and widely sought after endeavor is not news. However, what is news is the fact that now there’s a modern tangent to it, thanks to the many incredible resources and tools the evolution of technology has given, i.e. the Internet of Things. The fact that now one can transfer data between not only computers but also any machine or object connected to a network offers immense potential in the context of app development. Why? Because of all the value it brings — IoT in the app world has not only consumers but also resulted in a world of benefits for businesses that use and offer such apps.

3742090215?profile=RESIZE_710xSo, this much is clear — IoT apps are a widespread phenomenon now, which means a sizeable number of companies across the globe are pursuing it. However, before they can get started with it, they must choose a framework that is capable enough to deliver high-quality apps with integrated IoT. Now, this may simple enough, but when you look at the options at hand, the challenge grows exponentially. Thankfully, there’s one framework that has consistently ranked among the top choices for building IoT apps — ASP.NET 3.0. The open-source framework’s ability to facilitate the development of apps across a variety of platforms demonstrates what makes it so popular among developers. But to help you make a more sound decision, allow us to walk you through some solid reasons for why you should pick ASP.NET 3.0.

  1. Off the rack solutions: One of the most potent benefits of this framework is that fit offers a large variety of distinctive ready-made solutions, thus saving companies and developers much effort that is typically associated with building custom solutions. And then there’s also the fact that it is highly conducive for the reuse of code.
  2. Unassailable cloud support: Cloud support is critical for app development in the modern-day world. For that, you have Microsoft Azure IoT platform and accelerators, whose compact size and secure nature mean that developers can swiftly deploy their apps in the cloud and that too without a fuss. Oh, and there’s also the periodic updates, which translates into the ability to introduce handy features and functionalities easily
  3. Windows 10 IoT Core compatibility: ASP.NET 3.0 is entirely compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core edition, which, by the way, is often cited as one of the top reasons for why developers choose the framework. Not only is t loaded with a plethora of productivity tools, but also enables integration with a variety of platforms, such as Azure Cloud-based platform, Universal Windows Platform, Visual Studio, and others.

The factors cited above, though not the frameworks only benefits are ample demonstration of what makes it such a terrific tool for IoT projects. With .NET application development, any company can quickly put together top-notch apps that are 100 percent scalable, efficacious, and secure.

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