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Most employers would agree that a better working environment serves the interests of the business. According to the latest research from SHRM group, 89% of employees say they are satisfied with their current job. The employees questioned stated that their job satisfaction depends largely on such aspects as the respectful treatment of all employees at all levels; compensation/pay; and overall, feeling safe and comfortable in the working place.

Progressive companies such as Google, IBM, and others have got through to this quickly.  Now they see that to provide their staff members with the smart work environment, a flexible day order, encouraging salary, healthy food and sports within their workplace is one of the best ways to spur innovation and creativity in the mind of staff. In 2017, an employer of choice opts for the smart office environment.

IoT smart office systems

The way people do business is ever-changing and this change will not side step the way the office environment is managed. Developments like IoT offer a diversity of possibilities across many industries, updating our current workplaces and improving their operations.

Being known as a responsive or digital office where technologies are implemented to make the environment intelligent and versatile to company workflows are already a trend.

The aim is to combine all office technologies under one smart system has largely been achieved already due to IoT capabilities.

Why do employers decide on smart offices?

  1. The system allows employers to get more out of business employees while keeping them happy;
  2. It frees up employee’s time for doing high-priority tasks and boosts productivity;
  3. The smart office system optimizes everyday office tasks by leveraging technology to automate routing;
  4. It analyzes a vast amount of data, which can help the employer make more informed business decisions;
  5. Smart systems reduce maintenance costs (expenditures for electricity, water, heating and other operational facilities) as well as increase asset performance and extend the lifecycle.

What are the smart office solutions?

  • Internet of things

The smart office components like smart furniture, facilities, and outfits become the embodiment of the idea to unify all these environmental components operation under one system.

Smart lights, thermostats, VR cameras, VR speakers, etc. present highly-useful instruments for the smart office.

  • Machine intelligence

Machine learning combines both machine knowledge and management. The technology will allow the firm to become faster, stronger and smarter by undertaking the analytical work you used to do before.

  • Control and connectivity

When everything from light to power consumption is based on IoT technology and works under one system, these automation systems are connected to apps and are controlled by you – in-your-hand from any geo-spot on the map.

What are the smart items for a digital office?

IoT furniture can easily create an interface between a user and an office environment for both the building and the room. Smart furniture is designed and developed for improving business processes and facilitating communications. Such furniture can be easily reconfigured to a new place or new interior layout, which significantly reduces expense.

IoT furniture

One of the new intelligent interior solutions that has been already designed is shown through the example of a supply to an up-to-date Italian office, providing the office with smart chairs, desks, and tables. This is a vivid example of how carpenters producing the furniture and IoT developers have married their businesses to create smart office property:

  • The smart desk can recognize a person sitting at it and automatically set the lighting, temperature, humidity, and background music in line with the person’s preference;
  • Smart meeting room furniture accomplishes the same functionality. Besides, it is ‘taught’ to lock out and give access to confirmed participants only. Knowing the members allowed in the room, the system can supply them with all the necessary information for the location, like security, safety rules, parking hours, cafeteria menu, etc. This is especially useful for multi-location companies.

IoT optimizers

Business managers interested in the working process optimization can teach IoT to do the main share of the office work through gathering and analyzing all the needed data:

  • Industrial control systems include supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. It transforms the collected information into valuable insights. The system bridges the gap between a physical user and the IoT by collecting, storing, retrieving, displaying and analyzing industrial data.

IoT controllers

Remote network management of connected devices is an IoT control and connectivity solution that can be successfully implemented into a digital office environment:

  • The app with a clear and intuitive interface allows the user to manage and control all the smart things at their disposal, no matter their geolocation. Each connected device can be shown on a Google map as a custom marker so that a user can view and edit it easily with a click.

Final Word

Having invested in IoT smart office systems, you can achieve several goals at once:

  1. First off, it will reduce ongoing expenditures (power, heating, water resources);
  2. Secondly, it will help you adopt more informed business decisions due to smart analytical possibilities;
  3. And last but not least, the smart office environment will make employees satisfied with the working place, which is a top priority issue for successful businesses.





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