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Start Building an IOT Solution

By Ashish Modi. This article originally appeared here

To build an IOT application we required following things.

  1. A problem where we required IOT solution. 
  2. Identify and design IOT based solution (Hardware + software + connection).

A problem where we required IOT solution

Nowadays everything is connected to the internet.  We need to move our existing system into IOT based solution.

Identify and design IOT based solution 

Use following mention tool and technology to create our first IOT solution. 


  • Arduino 

Arduino is an open-source prototyping platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. You need to learn Arduino programming language to pass the set of instruction to a microcontroller on the Arduino board. 

  • Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi hardware has evolved through several versions that feature variations in memory capacity and peripheral device support.

  • Sensors

According to the problem, we are select sensors, here we are sharing some sensors details. 

  1. Pressure Sensor
  2. Temperature sensor
  3. Humidity sensor
  4. Touch sensor
  5. PIR Movement Sensor


To store data collected from different - different device, we required one system, for this, we are used cloud-based storage. AWS, SalesForce or Microsoft Assure etc provide public and private storage location in different - different regions. 


To Connect our hardware device to software based system we required some connectivity protocol. 

  • CoAP - Constrained Application Protocol
  • MQTT - Machine-to-machine protocol

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