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Top 6 stumbling blocks for Industrial IoT implementation

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices are getting installed at the lightning fast speed. A wide range of connected devices helps people to enhance their way of communicating. Multifarious data is being controlled and inspected in simple ways using the recent technology trend. Industrial IoT is nothing but an ecosystem of inventive machines, IoT devices (Smart Sensors) and the decision makers that utilize the information, which is ingested from the machines.

With the perfect blend of machine-to-machine interaction and also the big data analytics, industrial IoT brings about unparalleled efficacy in the industries. Varied sectors of industries are embracing the present-date technology to reap its benefits and enhance the functioning of business with each passing day.

Industrial IoT technology trend makes it easier for business owners to control the real-time data analytics in just a few clicks as per their convenience. The connected devices enable to send and receive data for business owners in a plain-sailing manner. Furthermore, executing the industrial IoT is not as easy as falling off a log.

In the upcoming years, most of the industries are afraid that they are likely to suffer the loss of huge market share if they fail to execute this highly advanced technology. The development of sensor technology is skyrocketing at a rapid pace. Connected devices eventually help businesses to provide good quality & effective services to their customers. But, various companies are facing different kinds of challenges in Industrial IoT implementation.

Let’s check the challenges or stumbling block here:

#1 Challenges of connectivity failure to supply power:

One of the biggest challenges in industrial IoT implementation is the constant network connection for organizations to reap the benefits of network connectivity. Well, adequate internet connectivity does not run smoothly every time due to a number of reasons. The best way to overcome this challenge is to have reliable network connectivity before looking forward to executing industrial IoT. Multifarious challenges in networks are the amount of power utilized, proper internet connectivity, etc.

#2 Challenges related to sensors:

Other challenges involved in industrial IoT implementation are the sensor system. The sensors can face power outages and the business owners must consider the excellent quality low power sensors. The major challenge in the sensor system is the potential of computer systems or the software to transmit and utilize the information. 

#3 Providing effective service to customers:

Another biggest challenge in industrial IoT implementation is to offer efficient service to the customers that eventually enhance profit in the organization. The primary goal of any business is the 100% customer satisfaction for the products or services purchased by customers. Industrial IoT is the present-day technology, and the complete solution requires thorough comprehension because the organization is bringing the entirely new technology trend for smooth sailing of the organization in the long run that will offer unparalleled services to the customers.

#4 Data retrieving is also a challenge:

Another biggest challenge in industrial IoT implementation is the retrieving of data. Nearly all the predicted projects generally depend solely on the efficient data kept in the past. Gone are the days when organizations had to follow the traditional methods for dealing with the data by inspecting it and then dispose of it.

Industrial IoT has the potential to stockpile loads of data which can be used efficaciously for future business requirements. So, it is crucial to organize data retrieving way before you go for an efficient industrial IoT solution for your business. 

#5 High security of connected devices is also a challenge:

Another biggest challenge for industrial IoT implementation is the security. There were numerous cyber-attacks occurred in the past. It is necessary to keep the confidential data safe from any cyber-attacks rather than exercising control over conventional IT networks. The IoT network must be adequately secured so that hackers can’t succeed in hacking into the system.

Even after accomplishing in dealing with this nerve-wracking challenge of industrial IoT implementation, organizations need to invest in security tools and this further mounts up pricing and maintenance. This is the reason why businesses stop themselves from industrial IoT implementation.

#6 Challenges related to intelligent analytics:

This is the prominent challenge in industrial IoT implementation. The most important feature to be included in the Industrial IoT applications is the performance analytics tool that will give valuable insights into the historian data to the business owners. For high-functioning IoT solution, Data Analytics consultants must add features such as organizing of data, presentation of data, cleaning unwanted data, etc.

Other challenges in intelligent analytics include the incorrect inspection because of different mistakes that arise in data. The absence of adequate data further gives wrong positive or negative figures to business owners. It also results in different algorithm restrictions.


Let’s wrap up:

In a nutshell, it would not be wrong to say that this state-of-the-art technology trend involves various challenges in its implementation and overall success. Though IoT consultants are carrying out multiple measures that can overcome these challenges easily but resorting to proper techniques and tools will eventually help the industry specialists to conquer these challenges efficiently.

With each passing day, industrial IoT will take the world by storm with incredible innovations in every sector and these calls for using appropriate techniques that will surely overcome the challenges mentioned above for business owners.

IoT consultants are carrying out multiple measures that can overcome these industrial Iot challenges easily.

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Sanjeev Verma is the founder and CEO of Biz4Group, based out of Orlando, FL the United States. He has conceptualized the idea of Biz4 Brand and founded Biz4Group, and Biz4Intellia. He has 20+ years of experience in boosting IT-based start-ups to success. In the past, he has worked on leadership positions with Marriott Vacations, Disney, MasterCard, Statefarm, and Oracle. The company headed by him excels in developing, implementing and monitoring Digital Solutions ranging from IoT solutions & products, Mobile and Web Development, and Digital Marketing to Full Stack Development and CMS solutions.

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