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For years, I have been collecting IoT predictions and trends and writing my own wishes for this amazing Internet of Things movement. You can read the 2017 article here “Have we already bored of predicting IoT?”  and the 2016 article here “Will finally be 2017, the year of Internet of Things? I do not think so”.

Over the years we have had optimism and pessimism, but as we are approaching the magic 2020 year, most of the new predictions are impregnated with a layer of realism, that is very much appreciated.

Despite all the challenges which the Internet of Things faces, it is increasingly clear that the sensing and digitalization of the physical world is unstoppable.

As part of the Ecosystm Analyst team, I have written the report  Top 5 IoT predictions for Europe in 2019 that includes:

·         LPWAN Connectivity and Interoperability will Allow Tracking and Device Management Across Multiple Use Cases

·         It will the Right Time for Smart Homes in Europe, Driven by Voice-Controlled Speakers

·         The IoT Platforms Market will Consolidate by Verticals

·         Telecommunications Providers, Car Manufacturers and Insurance Companies will Create a Connected Cars Ecosystem

·         All Smart City Technologies and Services in Europe will be Aimed at Improving Quality of Life

You can view the report for free here.

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