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You Decide: Trough of Disillusionment or Peak of Inflated Expectations

IoT Central Contributor Francisco Maroto says we are falling into the 'Trough of Disillusionment' but Gartner says we’re at the 'Peak of Inflated Expectations.' What say ye? 

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Save IoT, Save The World

Posted by Francisco Maroto 

When looking for a title for this article, I remembered the famous phrase from TV serie Heroes, "Save the cheerleader, Save the world". Sorry if one more time I abuse of shocking headlines to attract more readers. Is the Internet of Thing (IoT) in danger? In light of the latest events I have attended in Berlin and London and news like this "Intel To Amputate Three Modules For Internet Of Things, Including Joule", I really believe  IoT is falling into the Gartner´s Trough of Disillusionment phase  and we need IoT heroes to push it faster towards the Plateau of Productivity phase. The other part of the article's title, "Save the World," may sound pretentious, but the world need to be save. This year hot spring and summer is confirming even the most disbelieving that Global Warming is very real (Read more at " Global Warming, Christmas and the Internet of Things" and in spite I do not consider that only IoT can save our blue planet, per recent events like "Portugal forest fire", IoT can help and much.

IoT Platforms: The Peak of Inflated Expectations

Posted by David Oro

Gartner recently released their 2017 Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle. Where do IoT Platforms stand? At the peak of inflated expectations! Do you agree? Gartner says that the hype cycle reveals three distinct megatrends that will enable businesses to survive and thrive in the digital economy over the next five to 10 years. (See graphic below).

Commercial Application of Predictive Analytics for IoT

Posted by Blake Davies 

In this IoT era, we are provided the opportunity to collect accurate, detailed performance insights from data produced by a multitude of instrumented devices. The Internet of Things is no longer just about using your mobile phone to turn on and off your lighting, heating or oven; owing to the constant technological advancements, we are now seeing benefits in all industries and lines of business. We are using the obtained performance insights to improve the quality of products, their functionality, and reliability. Gone are the days when the IoT was just a vision – these intelligent systems are real; they are connecting things with processes and people and help unlock a multitude of new opportunities.  

Who owns the Machine Generated Data in IoT – Men or Machine?

Posted by Somjit Amrit

The other day we were discussing and debating on a solution to be designed to meet the sensing needs for access, temperature and humidity for some devices with form part of a networking infrastructure ecosystem. The idea was to build a IoT based system for monitoring and control. The design discussions veered around the ability to collect data from the sensors and the types of short range communication protocols which could be deployed. Questions and clarification were raised if we were compliant to use short range communication protocols in sensitive areas as customer Data Centres which are like owned and  that they may be custodians of data of their end customers . The hidden perils of data acquisition and data ownership reared its head which needed to be addressed as we moved forward.

Machine Learning - The brain of Digital Transformation

Posted by Sandeep raut

Organizations are using machine learning for various insights they want to know about consumers, products, vendors and take actions which will help grow the business, increase the consumer satisfaction or decrease the costs. Here are some top use cases for machine learning.

20 Job Interview Questions for IoT Professionals

Posted by David Oro 

Bill McCabe knows everyone. He has to. He’s a thought leader in IoT, with a particular focus on recruiting. He’s authored dozens of articles on all things IoT and recruitment, and has placed a number of IoT professionals at organizations big and small. We wanted to know in particular, for the IoT job seeker, what are the top 20 questions they should be prepared to answer in their interview. Here is what Bill shared.

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