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Contributor Guidelines

Contributor Guidelines

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Thank you for reaching out and for your interest in IoT Central (IoTC).

Through our sister site Data Science Central and related social networks, IoTC reaches as many as 600,000 professionals. We are always interested in high quality, relevant and educational articles, blogs, events and forum post. We don’t ask for advanced topic approval, only that the submitted piece be educational and relevant to the community and not promotional to any single company or product. You should first join the community at and then view more detailed IoTC editorial guidelines here.

It might be helpful to have a clear understanding of the IoTC before you post. IoTC is an online community made up of several vertical channels aligned to specific disciplines that have high relevance on the Internet of Things, with a particular focus on the industrial aspects of IoT (think jet engines, large machines, manufacturing, medical, machine-to-machine, development platforms, security, etc.). Consumer IoT products and services can be mentioned but are not a focus for our audience. These channels can be accessed via the tabs at the top of the home page at

  • Platforms: focused the big news of IoT as well as major trends and platforms

  • Apps & Tools: explores applications and tools for creating IoT solutions, includes programming languages, software, testing equipment, etc.

  • Data: big data, fast data, machine-to-machine data as well infographics and market sizing data.

  • Security: all things about security in the IoT.

  • Case Studies: a place for success stories, failures and challenges in the world of the IOT.

Use the general outline above to align your post and expertise to the most appropriate IoTC vertical channel.  

Please note that cross posting the same content to multiple IoTC channels is not allowed. To protect your account and the privilege to post on the community, please be thoughtful on what and where you post. Once you receive notice of acceptance for your membership to IoTC and any of the vertical channels, you will be able to directly post to that area of the community immediately. All posts are subject to approval prior to any post going live on within the IoTC community. The IoTC editorial team and members will review all content posted within two days. Those that are accepted will go live immediately upon approval. Please note, those items deemed to be of higher quality or timely and otherwise of greater interest to the IoTC members, may have the opportunity to be included in the Weekly IoTC Digest at the discretion of the Editor. This can provide additional reach to as many 600,000 members of IoTC, our sister site Data Science Central and related social networks. So make your posts count and try to imagine what will be of great interest to the IoTC members.

We look forward to seeing your new contributions and appreciate your interest in being an active member of the IoTC community.

The IoTC Team