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Bluetooth Deer Feeder

I'll start by saying I am a mechanical engineer that knows very, very little about the IoT world. Please forgive my ignorance :) My family has a ranch back home where my parents have a deer feeder set up to watch deer in the evenings. It's only about

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Best way to start off

Hi everyone.

New here and new to IOT. Need some help and hopefully someone could guide me in the right direction.

Come from a programming background. Certified network technician and very proficient in graphics.

We ended up implementing an Iot solution

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1 Reply · Reply by IoT Central Team Jun 15, 2022
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IoT testing strategies

I could see high level IoT testing strategies descriptions all over the internet, however i am sure that there would be various  strategies that we follow. Can we have your thoughts listed here about IoT testing strategies so that it would open up an

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3 Replies · Reply by Raquel Moore Sep 30, 2021
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Best Examples of IoT

IoT is short for “Internet of Things”. The definition of IoT refers to the connectivity of all devices and “things” that is capable of internet connectivity via an IP address.

Although these buzzwords might not initially convey importance to some – ma

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5 Replies · Reply by Jessica Allen Sep 8, 2021
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