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Communicate between 2raspberry pi

Dear pros,

I am looking for a solution for my network: I have: raspberry1_connected_hotspot4G_1 (stay in province 1) and raspberry2_connected_hotspot4G_2 (stay in province 2). I want to send data between raspberry1 raspberry2. Do you have any suggestions?




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  • You can do it here:

    Qortex - Preorder Axon
  • Difficult if you don't have a public IP address for either raspi1 or raspi2. Have you tried ngrok ( before? You can set up a free account and get a public IP (sort of) to test your raspi1 <--> raspi2 connection.

    To test the connection:
    - launch a simple tcp echo server in raspi2, say listening to port 14000.
    - run ngrok in raspi2 "ngrok tcp 14000" and jot down the returned public IP address
    - launch a simple tcp echo client in raspi1 and have it connect to the "returned public IP address, port 14000" socket. Send some data to this socket
    - verify the tcp echo server in raspi2 receives the data from raspi1 echo client.

    ngrok - secure introspectable tunnels to localhost
    ngrok secure introspectable tunnels to localhost webhook development tool and debugging tool
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