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The year is 2018, and the demand for clean energy has never been higher. The International Energy Agency outlines a rise of 55% in the global demand for energy between 2005 - 2030. A solution may come in the form of the internet of energy. What's your opinion on the potential of IoT for providing the infrastructure for decentralised, smarter energy grids and a stable supply of power?


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  • If we talk about energy then first we need to talk about smart building and smart manufacturing because most of the energy which is used in form of buildings so we should make them smart first. By transforming the building into the smart it will head you toward a smart city. Energy saving only possible through making your premises smarter. Smart energy system gives you a better insight of your occupancy and notifies you about energy consumption. It detects abnormal patterns and optimizes cost. It enables with centralized monitoring and gives a real-time update. Its control each and every part of your building including energy distribution panel to an energy storage device and that managed by IoT system. You can measure the performance of the IoT system by IoT application that gives you notification about energy uses in your mobile device.

  • Above points will helps iot to shape your future for energy sector

    1. Modernizing infrastructure and improving operations
    2. Enhancing efficiency and cost savings
    3. Business transformation services for more value-added services to consumers

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