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  • Well, programming skills are a part of data science. By the way, more and more development companies are coming to realize the importance of data science. So you're definitely on the right track! Why don't you look for the info on DeshDevs? They have lots of good articles on the topic. 

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  • If you want to make a career in data scientist than you should start learning programming languages like R & Python. Read some introductory books & do course of data science. Start learning how to use datamining software & participate in data mining competition.

  • Data scientists analyze given data to observe trends & characteristics. They employ several relevant procedures and research models to understand data. The outcomes they come to can be used to present businesses and agencies with relevant insights. These results can then be used by the companies to strategize and create better policies or products


    • Statistics skills: Basic concepts such as linear regression, probability, etc. & important tools like Hadoop & SAS.
    • Machine Learning: You should be familiar with supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms, like are K-means clustering, K nearest neighbor, Decision tree, Naive Bayes classification, etc.
    • Programming skills: You need various programming language like Python & R to manipulate data& obtain interpretation.
    • Data Management: Knowledge of data Management tools like Spark, Snowflake etc.
    • Communication skills:Along with good technical skills, you should also be good at communication because as a Data Scientist you will also need to present your findings


  • My son has the same questions about starting a career in data science solutions and this is all very useful. Does there exist a BA in Data Science? He will graduate high school in two years. 

  • First you have to learn: Linear Algebra, Convex Optimization, Differential Equations, Calculus, Algorithms, Distributed Computing, Databases (SQL & NoSQL), Machine Learning, Probabilistic Modeling, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Visualization, and don't forget Scala for functional programming, and Hadoop, and Big Data, and Experimental Design, and Functional Analysis.

  • You can start your data science career through online as well as classroom training modes, Fresher students can also start career in data science. For data science need first knowledge of Python, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. 

  • Hi Ankit,

    Right now I am learning Data Science, I can't help you a lot because of the level of experience but I am developer by profession then I can tell you how I am going or How I am learning. Here are the complete steps through you can become a data science engineer.

    Data science is one of the most demanding fields in the 21st century whom everybody wants to make their career bright. Finding the answer about that who can become a data science engineer is also the toughest/complex exam, Because there is simply too much information for the average person to process and use, data scientists are trained to gather, organize, and analyze data, helping people from every corner of industry and every segment of the population.

     A Data Scientist must come from a highly educated background with amazing basic skills but the majority of the candidates are from the technical background. 

    Now, What is Data Scientist?

    Data Science is a confusing or often complex field which includes dozens of skills that make defining the profession a constant struggle. Where a data scientist is someone who gathers, collects and analyzes with the goal of reaching a conclusion. They are doing things with a different way of achieving the goal.

    We can take an example of Netflix Users for understanding the theory of Data Science. Netflix users see a real-world example of data management in action every time they access their account. The video streaming service has a program designed to give you suggestions that will best fit your preferences. Using information from your past viewing history, an algorithm gives you recommendations for shows you may enjoy. This is also seen in services like Pandora with their thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons, and from Amazon, with their shopping recommendations.

    Steps through you can become a Data Scientist:

    1. Get a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, IT, Maths Physics, or Any Field.
    2. Get a Master's Degree in Data or Related Field.
    3. Get the Experience on the field where you want to work or intend to work.

    The salary which is getting by the employee is too high according to the normal one. People are getting an average of $108,360 per year, Those who are working in the field of data science might think about Job Security as there are a less number of data scientist available in the market.



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