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How IoT and Retail are connected?

Internet of Things has already emerged in construction, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation and home automation, now it gradually coming to the retail industry too. Retailers started focusing to enable IoT in their industry to. Retailers are likely to implement IoT in Smarter Inventory Management Solutions, Automated Events Of Supply Chain, Smart Packaging and Labelling, Reducing Food Wastage and Spoilage and many more.

IoT Smart Connected Products

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  • A typical, modern mobile user who is connected will have many expectations from a retail store when it comes to customer experience. The IoT creates an infrastructure and provides devices that allow data circulation throughout the buyer's cycle more efficient. If you wish to enhance your skills then you can join IOT Training Course

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  • The retail industry is seeing a rapid transformation, with the help of IoT. The IoT - Internet of Things solutions taking the center stage in the sector. Having plenty of applications, IoT helps increase customers, boost sales, offer a personalized experience, and improve inventory management. 

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  • Retailers are using IoT technology to enhance customer satisfaction. IoT sensors connected to a dashboard or set of color-coded buttons allow stores to collect customer feedback immediately after the shopping experience.

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