• The city officials interact directly with the city infrastructure management and govt department for solving real problems facing by the city citizen on each day . They can monitor what is happening in the city, how the city is evolving, and how to enable a better quality of life to their citizens. The IoTdevices can solve traffic issues and reduce noise, crime, and air pollution. Having assets like local Govt departments, Security & information systems, schools, libraries, transportation systems, hospitals, power plants, water supply networks, waste management, law enforcement, and other community services.

    Internet of Things(IOT),Service Providers & IoT
    “The internet of things (IoT) is a computing concept that describes the idea of everyday physical objects being connected to the internet and being a…
  • For example, for agriculture you can: monitoring climate and forecasting, monitor remote equipment, track livestock and geofencing, use smart logistics and warehousing. More details you can read here Kaa. IoT can be used for automotive, smart retail, smart energy, sports and fitness and other aspects of our life. We use IoT every day.

    KaaIoT - creators of Kaa Enterprise IoT Platform
    The Kaa Enterprise IoT Platform is a leading-edge IoT enablement technology that allows companies to take full advantage of IoT business opportunitie…
  • For personal health, the possibilities are even more extensive. 3d-printed wristbands for reading vital signs are already in development. With the long list of wearables already in circulation, we can track even more: sleeping patterns, nutritional balance, GP visits and check-up schedules, exercise programmes, etc. 

  • First, off it's a bi9t unfair to compare it to the industrial revolution. Just due to the time frame. IoT is still a relatively young technology. 
    However, with that being said, there is pretty much an endless potential in it. It might not be a part of our everyday lives, since it's still used more on an industrial level of operation, but it's getting there with things like smart parking sensors and entire city-wide IoT networks.

  • There is a huge potential in connected devices and the capabilities they provide. And there is no industry that will remain untouched by the IoT. In this article you can see the current use cases for the Internet of Things applications across industries and how they impact our lives:

    6 Cool Examples of Internet of Things Applications and How to Develop One
    Internet of things applications are going to disrupt every sphere of our everyday life. An insight from IoT developers: Best IoT apps and how to deve…
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