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How-To?: Sensor data reporting to website


I have several sensors reporting data through a cellular router to Soracom. The sensor data is rather basic: temp, humidity and particulate matter. I would like to have a website (other than Soracom) that a client can log into their client portal and visually see just their sensor data. I would also like to have the ability for the customer to create a report based on a selected date range that would generate a pdf report of the data collected over that time period. The pdf report would be a template that pulls data from a database or wherever the data is stored.

Here is my issue - I don't know how to get the data that is currently being reported to Soracom to the the finish line of generating a report. For my own personal use I have built a visualization dashboard within Soracom for me to monitor (uses a stripped down version of Grafana) but now I need to have the ability for a client to see their data and generate a report, preferably without giving them access to Soracom. Do I need a web developer to do this through API? Do I need to send it to AWS or another location? Do I need to set up a database? SQL or NoSQL? Do I even need Soracom? I just don't know what my next step is to make this happen.

This post is not intended to be a search for a specific person to actually do this but rather for guidance on what my next step of research should be about. If anyone has any ideas on the best way to get the data from the sensors in the field to a client portal on a website I would be very interested in your thoughts.

Thank you for you time,


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  • Maybe not what you want, but could you install Apache web server along side the MySql with a Html5 which displays the fields of data you need?

    Then just print through the web browser pdf or physicia paperl?

  • Hi Dennis,

    Did you ever figure this out?

    I don't know Soracom, so my suggestion is more general. Can you export CSV files from Soracom, and put them up on a controlled website for your users to access? If so, there are online tools that will import the CSV and allow users to create graphs and reports. Of course, Excel, and some other desktop apps will do the same thing.


    • Hi Bob.

      Kind of. The data is sent over cellular using a Soracom SIM to a Losant instance that then routes the data into a MySQL database. I can then pull the data from the database as needed. It works but I think there still has to be a better way, I just haven't figured it out yet.


    • Hi Dennis,

      I have a web app for IoT Engineers that collects data from sensors, and has easy data export for graphs, and reports. Development is finished, and going into alpha now. Maybe you’d like to be an alpha tester? I think it might solve your problem, or with some refinements be able to do so.

      Find my website, which has contact info, in my profile and send me email, then I’ll send you the details.



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