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Now-a-days IOT plays most important role in techies and by going with it I am doing some research on using different IOT based I2C Environmental sensors to interface with open soruce board (such as Pycom) and monitor and read the data using LCD screen and at the same time , I wanted to store the data in on cloud and share the monthwise report statements to the users

But the problem is that Cloud computation system is new to me so I need suggestions for the simple and secure cloud based application to use with IOT applications which will help me to get access with monitoring system data with secured platform

your suggestion will be very helpful

thank you


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  • If you want to monitor your system or interacting with Cloud then IOT application will help you. To learn more about this application you can enhnace your skills by joining IOT Training Course in Delhi

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  • You can get the answer of all your queries at Aware360. They will help you out to get a secured platform to access with monitoring system data.

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  • SAP's cloud includes IoT support with secure identity and device management capabilities.

    You can create a free trial account and try stuff out before making any decision.

    Check it out at:


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  • Well pycom has its own cloud services for using these services you should go through documentation Majorly AWS cloud is used in Pycom but for simulation of your program you can also use Pybytes to work offline with Pycom


    Preface · Pycom Documentation
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