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I am working on Micro-controllers from few time but while working on it had some doubt which I really need to clear and I apologize in advance if my question will be inappropriate but I really need clear this question

As I am using using Arduino Yun which is reading analog data from wireless sensor and by converting it in digital it sends the data to internet cloud

About Sensor : This I am using Zigbee A module(as router) which create mesh network and sends the data to Zigbee C (act as coordinator) and 'C' module is connected with UART device to send the Data to internet

But rather than using these device is it possible to configure the wireless sensor(interface with arduino yun) and read the data using DOS commands of laptops and connect the sensors to inbuilt wifi of laptop and send the data to Internet cloud ?

Again I need good reasoning and suggestion on this one if anyone agree or disagree

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  • The internet of things (IoT), in which the entire physical infrastructure is linked with intelligent monitoring and communication technologies through the use of wireless sensors, is the most common vision of smart systems today. Sensors are connected in such an intelligent, dynamic system to convey relevant information and control instructions via distributed sensor networks. In comparison to wired sensors, wireless sensors are easier to deploy and provide greater device flexibility. Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) at UbiBot  will become vital technology for IoT and an irreplaceable resource for achieving the vision of the Internet of things (IoT) paradigm, thanks to the rapid technical development of sensors. It's also worth thinking about whether or not WSN's sensors should be fully integrated into IoT. When diverse sensors are integrated into the IOT Based Smart Agriculturenew security challenges develop.


  • Yes it is possible to use MS DOS commands to use wireless sensor but you need to know about any command line interface which help  MS DOS to understand the proper functions because DOS will only help you to implement new Directory or share directories position but to create the function a programming interface needs to be run which help you to get connected with USB interface if your zigbee

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