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  • Interesting Idea, what kind of threats will a student safe inside the campus!! There are so many things that have already popped with IoT up for students, like the Smart ID card which automatically takes in your attendance for every class based on a GPS tracker and NFC. But since you have asked for something that adds to the safety of the student inside the camps, I think something like a panic button should work.

    Lets say a student is being bullied or threatened inside the campus and would like to have some help or needs some medical attention he/she can simply press the button on this device. This device will then share the location and other details of that particular person to a concerned team. Building something like this is relatively simple and can be easily carried around. All you need is a Wi-Fi module like the ESP8266 and a iot platform provider. You can read the below article to get more idea

    IoT based Panic button security device

    All the best with your Project!!

    IoT Based Panic Button Project using ESP8266-01
    Here in this project we will make a physical panic button using ESP8266-01 Wi-Fi module which will send an alert email to predefined Email IDs when p…
  • I am agree with Mehul Nayak IOT application is really helpful to secure in college campus. Iot application will helps to track evry students where they are going and what they are doing. If you want to be an iot expert then you can also join IOT Training Course.

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  • IoT technology is really very helpful to various industry including manufacturing to the defense sector. IoT tech makes things easy by automating their routine work. It also takes care of security concern that happening around an organization just like fire threats, worker update, machine failure. If we talk about campus security then IoT system really work awesome in term of security. It gives real-time location update of a person who is entering with a weapon in a college campus and send a notification to students about the threats and suggest them safest exit way. IoT tech can be very prominent for campus security.

  • Hi Jen, You are right. The security systems and security sensors installed in the campus and can be connected to the cloud to take decisions. Simillarly the database of the Students and employees @ IoT can be used to alert them in case of security threats or alarms like Fire or any bomb threats that can be notified immediately over an mobile app created for the campus or via sms/email etc... The app itslef can be used to trigger an alarm in real time if the student is in a security threat... Hope this helps...

    • Thanks @Denzil

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