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Hi Friends,

I want to make you informed about an innovative tool that can help you speed up the development of your IoT application, provided you are developing it on either MS Azure, AWS, or IBM Watson cloud platforms. This tool is called PYGMY, and it is a very lightweight and can be quickly installed and configured within minutes. Here are some of the key features provided by PYGMY:

Data Ingestion: PYGMY provides a sophisticated interface through which you can systematically ingest data into the cloud IoT platform (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and IBM Bluemix are currently supported) in a 'controlled' way

Latency Test: PYGMY measures end-to-end latency of the IoT application that are developed over these three cloud platforms

Device Simulation: You can simulate your on-field Devices easily using PYGMY within minutes, while attaching properties to it (such as Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, etc.), and define threshold values as well for these properties. Next, you can register the Device with these three supported cloud platforms. This helps you to defer the need to have actual Devices and Gateways in the field

Cloud Agnostic: All the above features provided by PYGMY are encapsulated in such a way that they are cloud-agnostic to the end user across the three supported cloud platforms. For example, a Device created within PYGMY application can be made to ingest data to any of the above mentioned cloud platforms without doing anything extra

Easy Integration With Other Tools: PYGMY provides standard RESTful services for all its core functionalities which allows for integration of PYGMY with your existing testing / reporting tools and applications

More details of PYGMY can be found at:

Have a good time, friends.



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  • Hi,

    What tools does this platform provides to connect the Zigbee module sensor ? As I am working on of the mesh based Wireless sensor but due to much new to area, I am bit confused what application will be helpfu; to connect the sensors with universal application  for IOT process.

    Will be apprciated by your suggestion  


    IoT Long Range Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor
    battery power IoT long range wireless temperature humidity sensor ultra low power high accuracy low cost industrial transmitter for data logging. Ide…
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