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IoT eCommerce Integration - Asset sharing/subscription

I am looking for some advice for a custom IoT integration project. This may be a simple solution that anyone familiar with IoT will know, or it will be a bit more complex.  I have attached the proposed architecture of what we are needing: VC%20IoT.pdf

Here is the rundown:

1. Customer obtains an IoT connected asset (medical treatment device) from us that they use on a daily basis in their practice.
2. They can either buy the device outright and have unlimited access to it, OR they can have the device placed in their practice under a subscription plan. (Pay to play)
3. Customer sets up a profile on Shopify or any ecommerce software. We are open to recommendations. Along with typical customer profile info, serial number for the device is inputted along with credit card information. 
4. Customer hits submit, account is verified, required payment is taken and unlock command is transmitted to the medical device which will unlock it for the monthly billing cycle. Just like a cell phone.
5. Each month, credit card is automatically charged per the subscription agreement and the unlock (activation) process is repeated.

Our gateway software in already built using Power BI and working very well. A small number of IoT equipped medical devices are already in the field for testing purposes and are also working very well. Communication between our devices and the Power BI gateway is optimal. Now we need help figuring out the eCommerce integration.  

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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