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IoT Project Management materials

I am looking for some great information (online on books) on IoT project management delivery methods and/or IIoT project management methodologies to sharpen my skills in this domain.  IMO, there seems to be a gap in this field.  I've yet to see a IoT project life cycle(s) that express a methodology clearly, other than for specific products.  And then mix in a product development aspect, and the circle widens. I'd love to find what current materials are out there and/or where your experience has led you and your teams.  I personally believe there will be a dire need for this project management skill set in the very near future.

Look forward to your response!
Dan Wade

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  • Dan, I recently came across Daniel Elizalde's website. Some good info he posts there, and he's focused on IoT.

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    • Thank you David.  Agree that this is great material!  Much obliged!

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