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IoT testing strategies

I could see high level IoT testing strategies descriptions all over the internet, however i am sure that there would be various  strategies that we follow. Can we have your thoughts listed here about IoT testing strategies so that it would open up an opportunity for all of us to think better while testing IoT applications?

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  • Performance testing includes Network and Gateway (protocols like MQTT, CoAP, HTTP, etc.), backend (database, processing, analytics), and the application components. Also IoT gathers multitudes of data that can be a starting point for thorough logistics analysis. And it turned out to be in the top retail trends.
    Retail Supply Chain: Pandemic-Inspired Trends That Are Here to Stay
    Find out how to overcome the challenges imposed by pandemic with the help of innovative retail supply chain technologies.
  • Multi-node simulation with renode?

  • Making key errors during the development of software can cause the entire process halt. The reason can be a security issue, scalability or complexity of the app. I have come across an article which explains common mistakes in IoT and strategies to tackle them. 

    Anyone out there with new ideas or latest strategy?

    IoT Implementation: Common Mistakes And Strategies To Tackle Them
    IoT implementation can be tricky. Although it promises enhance growth and innovation, business tend to make costly mistakes while implementing it.
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