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I want to implement the following system.

There are users and each user will have an IoT device. The user should be able to do the following:

  1. Login with their email and password.

  2. Control the IoT device in real time (the user will perform some operation on the IoT device and the result will be displayed instantly on the app).

  3. See the state of IoT device in real time. If something changes on the IoT device it should reflect on the app in real time.

I was wondering if this is doable using azure IoT Hub. I came across an architecture where the device is connected to IoT hub and the app is connected to signalR. The messages from IoT device will go to IoT Hub which will update the app using signalR.

But is there any way we can not have additional component like signalR? Can IoT device and mobile app be connected directly to azure IoT hub and exchange data between them without an entity in between other than IoT hub?

Connecting mobile app to IoT hub seems like an option but I did not find any way to implement email and password based authentication to allow users to connect to IoT hub.

Any help in this regard is appreciated.


Vinod kumar kasipuri

CEO Of Encodingcompiler


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