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In my research I am going to install several different sensors in a building. Then I want to collect and store all of data, and use a Machine Learning algorithm to predict the next day energy usage. I was thinking that this work should be done on an IoT platform, as Icollect data on that and do calculations online and report predictions to be used for control purpose. However, so far I could not find an IoT platform to be free or its free plan would be sufficient for my purpose. 

  • Do you propose for this purpose I try to use an IoT platform or you propose an alternative approach?
  • If I need to use IoT platform, which platform do you suggest to use?  I am developing my Machine Learning models on Python. I wish there will be a free platform as I wish to commercialize my idea after my Ph.D. 


Is there any platform totally open source?

Thank you in advance for your guidance,

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  • There are plenty of open source IOT platforms .. I am currently working with a few different ones for LoRa .. Brocaar is the LoRa Back end .. We also use Node Red for data Translation and Packet forwarding .. We use Graphana For some visualizations and Influx for Data base stuff ... I am also using KiCad for PCB design .. Fusion360 for 3D Work and enclosure design .. I am also working with OpenScada right now to see if it's a fit for Our uses in Remote monitoring and controls 

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