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What is NLP? (Natural Language Processing)

NLP, or natural language processing, is often involved in industry use of chat-bots. We’ve all had experiences with chat-bots that auto-regulates our daily processes, but the potential for these chat-bots to exceed their current functions are still in rapid development.

Understanding Natural language Processing

NLP enables conversational experiences with users in the form of chat-bots and virtual assistants. This experience can be through the mediums of messaging platforms, SMS, pop-up chats, or anything that utilizes smart responses.

The conversational platform’s API is often outfitted with the proper tools to bring about a desired speech. The ultimate goal of most conversational platform is to achieve advanced and natural speech patterns that are indistinguishable from a human’s.

NLP Examples

  • General chat-bots: Chat-bots are broadly used by many entities for various purposes. Wide ranging audiences will use chat-bots to answer queries, book services, order assets, or anything of the sort.
  • Virtual customer assistants: These automated voice assistants are commonly used to evaluate user intent to prompt successful human-to-human interactions after enough valid information was acquired.
  • Virtual enterprise assistants: Primarily used by employees to efficiently log, track, and navigate around enterprise systems.
  • Virtual personal assistants: Commonly acts as automated reminders, knowledge provider, or general assistant to users in for their personal lives.

To read more about NLP, its capabilities, example toolkit, and how to learn NLP, you can click here!

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