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From connected cars to intelligent consumer tools, pretty much any tech can be turned into smart, connected gadget these days, it’s not surprising that enterprises are now actively investing in IoT pilots to gain a competitive edge.

All these smart devices are constantly collecting data, connecting to other devices and sharing that data. And this is where the main vulnerability arises; from the presumption that most IoT devices are not secure by design. For enterprises, one of the key challenges will be to know what data is leaving their networks or what information is captured and transmitted secretly.

Dozens of software patches, multiple antivirus updates, steady firewall protection, not to mention human resources — this is the bare minimum of modern enterprise cybersecurity. Obviously, automation can be beneficial, and this brings AI to the table; however, some pitfalls that need to be avoided.

Obviously, cybersecurity should become a top priority for digital businesses looking to adopt the Internet of Things (IoT).

Here you can read more about three widely adopted technologies - IoT, AI and blockchain- and the way they can affect the security of your business.


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