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Anna Shaw commented on David Oro's blog post A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning
"This is very interesting. Such a complex field and everything that comes within it,feature engineering, predictive modeling, for example. It is good to see it broken down into something that makes sense for the lay person. "
Apr 1, 2020
Anna Shaw commented on Victor Polyakov's blog post AggreGate Takes Care of Your Health and Builds Predictive Medicine Solutions
"Interesting, I am wondering about connected devices, such as a 5l oxygen concentrator? Pros and cons of connectivity for patient, carer, device developer...."
Mar 29, 2020
Anna Shaw commented on Edgar Wilson's blog post Body Language: Streaming Health Data
"This is an interesting issue, and is somewhat of a minefield of an issue. And it becomes even more of one the more advanced wearables become, and the more advanced data science becomes. As predictive modeling and feature engineering become more…"
Mar 29, 2020
Anna Shaw commented on Kenneth Evans's blog post 10 Most Popular Artificial Intelligence Apps For iPhone/iOS
"Interesting, thank you. Such an exciting and new world, this world of AI and automated data science"
Mar 18, 2020
Anna Shaw commented on David Oro's blog post Fly Away, IoT: Will drones wear out their welcome for business?
"This is interesting, and I see both sides. There are always Luddites at the start of any new tech that threatens to revolutionize the way we work. It's natural. But as an amatuer drone flyer my interest is purely leisure and I love the developments…"
Mar 16, 2020
Anna Shaw commented on David Oro's blog post Connected Cars: From the Edge to the Cloud
"Is the tech used in self driving cars the same IoT Tech used in 

IoT vehicle telematics or is it different? "
Mar 15, 2020
Anna Shaw commented on Ricky Brown's blog post Newest Trends For Internet Of Things
"Very interesting, the rise of AI is touching us all. I am curious though about the development of LPWA devices and applications, specifically for smart homes. The tech is there, and is increasingly low cost, so more readily available...why are smart…"
Mar 11, 2020
Anna Shaw commented on Rajashree Rao's blog post Drones Racing up the Industries Futures
"I think it's great when there is a crossover between the military and commercial industries. We both have so much to learn from each other, it's such a waste to not share more, especially when it comes to drone development and applications. Thetwin…"
Mar 7, 2020
Anna Shaw commented on Andrei Macsin's blog post The Internet of Things, Data Science and Big Data
"This is spot on, and several years down the line from this blog post I think it is clear to say that you were spot on with your predictions here. IoT has generated the huge amounts of data you talked about, and data science and big data have…"
Mar 7, 2020
Anna Shaw commented on Alexey Khitrov's blog post As Confidence in IoT Security Wanes, Can Biometrics Help?
"This is really very interesting. The approach is always to think about maximizing the security of IoT devices, in order to protect the users- both the private and the industrial user. But of course, this approach forgets the user experience, which…"
Mar 7, 2020
Anna Shaw commented on smith johnson's blog post How Much Do Mobile Applications Contribute to IoT?
"How far we have come with applications of Cellular IoT, and how much easier use of these devices has become as

NB-IoT develops alongside it. What a fascinating industry to follow. 
Mar 4, 2020
Anna Shaw commented on Tim Matteson's video
"Fascinating, I know that data science systems are revolutionizing how a lot of industries do business and improving their efficiency and value through the application ofdata science softwareto turn their data into accurate predictive models. But how…"
Feb 29, 2020
Anna Shaw commented on Tim Matteson's video
"This is fascinating, I am looking for an updated version of this? As in the recommended location vendors and technology today? Such a fast changing industry, and especially when it comes to NB-IoT developments. "
Feb 29, 2020
Anna Shaw replied to Ankit Dixit's discussion How do I get started in data science?
"My son has the same questions about starting a career in data science solutions and this is all very useful. Does there exist a BA in Data Science? He will graduate high school in two years. "
Feb 25, 2020
Anna Shaw commented on Andrei Macsin's video
"This is an interesting video, and talk. It made me think about our IoT strategy, I am excited about developments with the LTE IoT chipset especially. This something we need to look into with our BYOD to work policy. "
Feb 23, 2020
Anna Shaw commented on Andrei Macsin's blog post 10 Data Science, Machine Learning and IoT Predictions for 2017
"Some pretty good predictions here. I am sitting from the advantage point of 2020 and am able to really reflect on these. Data science is still evolving, and has gained so many new names over the past few mining, big data, data…"
Feb 19, 2020

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