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Anna Shaw commented on Andrei Macsin's blog post 10 Data Science, Machine Learning and IoT Predictions for 2017
"Some pretty good predictions here. I am sitting from the advantage point of 2020 and am able to really reflect on these. Data science is still evolving, and has gained so many new names over the past few mining, big data, data analytics…"
Anna Shaw commented on Tim Matteson's video
"This is also very interesting. I enjoy the video format, especially with tech issues that require more time for me to process. With our organization utilizing NB-IoT tech on an ever-increasing basis, I must stay informed. "
Anna Shaw commented on Tim Matteson's video
"This is very interesting, and I appreciate the videos too. I believe that in recent years these challenges have only intensified and magnified as the data science industry has ballooned, and as IoT, LTE 450 MHz,  has been taken up in so many more in…"
Anna Shaw commented on Poulami Singha Roy's blog post Reimagining Smart Cities with the Arrival of Smart Connected Consumer Products
"Some great opportunities to connect across industries, including the medical sector, and hopefully less connected branches such as, cerebral palsy rehabilitation"
Feb 16
Anna Shaw commented on Ryan Williamson's blog post Data Validation: Important Things to Know
"This is very true and reveals the true hard work behind making the data ready for AI to process. This means the accuracy of the data used is still dependent on the skill of the scientists validating it. Too many people forget this. Forget the work b…"
Feb 11
Anna Shaw commented on Albert Smith's blog post IIoT Drives the Wheel of Fourth Industrial Revolution
"I am assuming that many of the arguments detailed here with regards to IoT and manufacturing, equally apply to 

IoT vehicle telematics, with some differences according to the different needs of each industry of course. But of course, as always the…"
Feb 10
Anna Shaw commented on Mark Shapiro's blog post How PKI and Embedded Security Can Help Stop Aircraft Cyberattacks
"This is fascinating, aircraft safety and security has really come a long way, but then I suppose so has the tech used in the aircraft industry. The security has to keep up. Curious to know if twin boom uav, drones basically, can be used in this figh…"
Feb 4
Anna Shaw commented on Melissa Crooks's blog post How Artificial Intelligence Does Help To Improve Works In Various Professions?
"There are really so many ways in which enriched data can be used, data science solutions are now so important across so many industries- banking, finance, insurance, retail....but also increasingly in health, the public sector. It is really going to…"
Feb 4
Anna Shaw commented on Mark Shapiro's blog post How to Keep Medical Devices, Services and Data Safe from CyberAttacks
"This is very important information for medical device companies, medical device companies israel. It's importance can not be stressed enough. Thanks for sharing."
Jan 26
Anna Shaw commented on Rajashree Rao's blog post Evolution of Drones
"Will they make traditional air defense systems, inertial systems,  obsolete? Is there room for both?"
Jan 25
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Jan 22
Anna Shaw commented on Manoj Rupareliya's blog post Future of IoT Universe: Threats, Privacy Concerns and Possible Security Breaches
"IoT security is definitely the next big thing, as IoT device development and manufacturing implodes, so too will the need for greater, faster and more reliable security. "
Jan 14
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Jan 5