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Anusha posted a blog post
The Internet of Things is network connectivity between physical devices such as appliances, vehicles, etc. which contain inbuilt sensors, software, and microchips that facilitate data transfer between each other. Each device has its own unique compu…
Apr 17
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Apr 16
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Apr 5
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Mar 22
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Mar 22
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Mar 22
Anusha posted a blog post
The Internet of Things (IoT) wasted no time spreading across the world and connecting a huge number of individuals. Apart from, we have seen almost every major industry put lots of resources into IoT, and foremost industries are rapidly moving to im…
Mar 18
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Mar 6
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Mar 5
Anusha commented on Kenneth Evans's blog post How AI’s Influence Will Impact Mobile App Development
"Yes, exactly many devices and applications will be written with algorithms that adjust based on learned behavior. As we see more AI and machine learning-driven apps, businesses can leverage the data apps are collecting via point-of-sale machines, on…"
Mar 4
Anusha posted a discussion
Internet of Things spending globally should reach $772.5 billion in 2018. That is lower than forecasted previously. Also for the next years, IoT spending is expected to be lower. A look at the numbers in context, some patterns, and the Internet of T…
Feb 27
Anusha replied to Joao Lopes's discussion IoT Future – 34 Billion new Devices in 4 Years?
"Absolutely true a research report has suggested that by the year 2020, each human being on earth will have as many as four devices that are connected via the Internet. In other words, the total number of such devices could exceed 34 billion for an e…"
Feb 27
Anusha replied to Jen McDade's discussion What are People IoT Solutions?
"Internet of Things (IoT) solutions has proved advantageous for almost every industry, facilitating the creation of new business and boosting efficiency. IoT solutions have helped in connecting devices, managing tasks, analyzing opportunities, and tr…"
Feb 22
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Feb 21
Anusha replied to Jen McDade's discussion what are the challenges faced by IoT?
"Many companies are focusing on the future of Internet of Things products and services, but there are challenges and concerns that need to be addressed as the number of connected devices continues to rise.
One of the biggest challenges is security. I…"
Feb 21
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Feb 13