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B Jansen updated their profile
Jan 12
B Jansen posted a blog post
I am excited to launch the 2nd version of my Interactive Map of IoT Organizations  Thanks for all the support and encouragement from David Oro!
Here are the material c…
Dec 4, 2016
B Jansen posted a blog post
One category of organizations that is super important for the wide-spread adoption of IoT, especially in the home, are standard specifications and interoperability organizations. Interop organizations are needed that can specify, test, and certify i…
Nov 10, 2016
B Jansen posted a blog post
I began collecting information on various home automation hubs, industrial IoT Platforms, hardware solutions, software technologies, and variety of different “things”. All of the data I collated into what I am calling my “Thing of Things” (ToT) data…
Oct 14, 2016